One thought on “3rd Test full-fly STUNT S.9

  1. “Flight-Control”, the little S.9 does trully seem to be a Joy to Sail/Foil/Fly! The Modes of “lowrider” Altitude, and the “flat-running” Attitude of the Penetrating-Surfer foiling application, indeed appears in this FlyCat video to say it All- this is All fine and very good; yet I await for two aspects toward the complete running-free-success of the S.9- Close Wind Performance, how high She can develop the Apparent wind, and how deep our sailing-foiling-flying Fun Kat can pull the Apparent and remain stable with Simple, easy Foilborne reliable-foundation.
    Petrucci-san, may we see future Up-wind, up-swell numbers in a more “up-close-and-personal-longistics-of-operations” Video, that can define that “given” ability to “Squirt” in the much qualified-proof to have established that/this future Effortless-Sweet-Glide; We can not wait to see the “Numbers-Defining-Performance” in 20 to 25 knots of rock steady trades, with a flat Sea State- Wonder if we will see results that even far exceeds the Mach 2 Internationale Moth, 30 knots plus!?! aloha nui… Oh! Malia is Blind, and She is in Training-n-Preparing, by aspires to participate in the 2020 Tokyo Paralympic Games, as we joyfully describe, and commentate what we are seeing in the Testing Videos , Malia says she wants to Foil-n-Fly! Perhaps The FlyCat is Her cup of tea, if re-configured to suit her “special” needs; shall we see future Flying-Boats in both the 2020 Olympics, and Paralympics- I Wonder!? Have a Surfilicious-Day!!! (rks).

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