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K2 Kiteboat Helicopter shoot 6/5/14

The Kiteboat Project has existed in some form since 1997, when Don Montague first began attaching kites to boats. Between 1997 and 2006, Don worked with a team in Hawaii to develop kites for use with surfing canoes, small catamarans, and large motored cats; their accomplishments included wave-riding and several island crossings. Between 2006 and 2008, Don worked on modifying and testing the Trifoiler and Quadfoiler test platforms through Makani Power, a Bay Area wind power company that he co-founded in the fall of 2006. The current team began to take shape in late 2008, when the Kiteboat Project acquired funding from the Marine Science Technology Foundation and moved to its own workshop in Alameda. We have since secured other funding and have put together a team of marine architects, sailors, and software developers dedicated to realizing the Kiteboat vision through building and testing the first platform of its kind built specifically for kites.

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Catamaran Foiler FP28


Le prototype est en construction et la première flottille de multicoques volants va créer l’événement. en pionniers, Christian Favre et Jean Psarophagis se sont unis pour créer la société F&P Factory Sàrl (Favre & Psarophagis), destinée à lancer une série de foilers révolutionnaires en s’appuyant sur les compétences des meilleurs spécialistes des catamarans volants de la Coupe de L’America. Ces nouveaux catamarans de 28’ avec foils sont destinés à tous ceux qui rêvent de voler sur l’eau, comme à San Francisco lors de la dernière édition de la coupe, et rendent accessible la maîtrise du vol sur l’eau.

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Oracle Team USA Picks Bermuda for 2017 America’s Cup

Source: The Wall Street Journal


As defending champion of the America’s Cup, the world’s premier sailing competition,Oracle Team USA had the right to choose the location of the next venue. The heavy favorite appeared to be San Diego, a former Cup site in the home state of billionaire Larry Ellison , the Oracle team’s owner…

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New 20′ Foiler from New Zealand


NZ 6 mt Foiler

Today I was writing about custom projects and the great info available nowadays when Bruce Beca from Fast Fibres ltd , located in New Zealand saw the previous Open project post and sent his own 20′ Foiling custom machine. He also commented he was able to use CSN as one of his sources for his new project…

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Fast foiling ride for Billy Besson and Matthieu Vandame

Phantom International is proud to announce that Billy Besson and Matthieu Vandame are joining the Phantom Sailing Team for the 2015 season. To celebrate and seal this collaboration Billy and Matthieu enjoyed a fast foiling ride with the Flying Phantom in front of Saint Malo – FRA.
The 2015 Phantom Sailing Team will then be a 2 boats team with Billy Besson – Matthieu Vandame and Gurvan Bontemps – Benjamin Amiot. Both crews will compete the 2015 regatta season and foil the Flying Phantom around the world.


Manon 10.5 year old: Flying Phantom’s On Board Reporter

Manon is a ten and a half years old young lady that went for a ride on the Flying Phantom with Gurvan Bontemps and Benjamin Amiot. Accomplished Optimist sailor, Manon took her skills to film the Phantom Sailing team onboard the Flying Phantom.

She may be the youngest on board reporter in the sailing world, but achieved a great performance.


Franck Cammas flying in Saint Malo

During the weekend of the 10th Route du Rhum start, the 2010 edition winner Franck Cammas joined the Phantom Sailing Team for a flying session in front of Saint Malo with the Flying Phantom. It was a good opportunity for the French skipper, to test the production version of the Flying Phantom as he collaborated to the development of the R&D prototype with the Groupama Sailing Team.

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