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Matthew Sheahan meet the White Formula Whisper

by Yachting World


How you could be foiling in hours rather than years. Until now, sailing on hydrofoils has been largely for pro sailors and those with a surplus of talent and time. But as Matthew Sheahan discovers aboard a brand new production built foiling cat, flying could soon be for all.

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Yacht Racing Forum 2015 – video

by MaxComm Communication


The Yacht Racing Forum is the leading annual conference for the business of sailing and yacht racing.

Held in Geneva, Switzerland, the 2015 edition of the Forum reassembled 280 key players from within the yacht racing industry, discussing the future of the sport, doing business and exchanging best practice.

The end of an era



In 2007, the Extreme Sailing Series™ stormed onto the professional racing scene and changed the world of sailing forever, with it’s pioneering Stadium Racing format.

From Asia, the Middle East, South America, the USA, Russia, Europe and Australia, over the last nine years the Series has visited 25 international destinations including Rio de Janeiro, Venice, Amsterdam, Singapore, Hamburg, Sydney, Marseille and Boston.

Attracting the world’s best sailors to race in high-performance Extreme 40 catamarans, in 2016, the Extreme Sailing Series™ will celebrate its tenth anniversary, reinvigorating itself with the introduction of the ‘flying’ catamaran: the GC32.

This video looks back at the last nine-years. The end of an era

Yacht Racing Forum 2015


Plenary session – The present and future of yacht racing

Jean-Baptiste Durier, Directeur, Tour de France à la Voile
Andy Tourrell, Event Director, Extreme Sailing Series
Luca Rizzotti, The Foiling Week
Steve Clark, President, C-Class

En av de absolut roligaste panelerna. Och personer som får saker att hända. Från Steve Clark som sett allt (som vi tycker är nytt) i C-class för länge sedan till Luca Rizzotti som på nolltid har gjort The Foiling Week till en global festival (man kör både i Garda och i Newport under 2016) och maktfaktor i sporten:


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Landrover BAR capsize new test boat in Solent

by Land Rover BAR

© Harry KH / Land Rover BAR

© Harry KH / Land Rover BAR

Whilst out training on the Solent today, the team’s test boat T2 capsized off of Ryde, Isle of Wight.

The boat was righted quickly and no team members were injured. The shot above, supplied by the Team, is clearly of the boat as she was about to capsize, other photos taken after the righting show that most of the film covering the wingsail was destroyed.

The team confirmed that damage was sustained to a section of the wing, which the team is currently assessing, but plan to be back on the water in the New Year.

T2 is Land Rover BAR’s second testing boat, launched three months ago on the October 5th.

The wind range was between 15 – 19 knots, the boat was sailing at a slow speed when an issue with the wing inversion initiated a capsize to windward. No other vessels were involved.

Team members on-board:
Ben Ainslie
Paul Campbell James
Bleddyn Mon
David Carr
Nick Hutton
Andy McLean
Benjamin Muyl – observer

David Lloyd image

David Lloyd image

Amlin International Moth Regatta Final Day – Greenhalgh won



Rob Greenhalgh today stamped his dominance on the inaugural Amlin International Moth Regatta hosted by the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club.

Lying in second overall entering the day, Greenhalgh won all three races to win the championship and the winner’s share of $5,000 of the $10,000 prize purse.


“The week has been fantastic,” said the 38-year-old Greenhalgh of Hamble, England. “It’s been good to come to a new venue. Everyone’s been very hospitable. I hope it keeps going.”

“Amlin is very proud to have supported this year’s successful Moth Regatta, which featured world class sailors in a world class sailing destination, Bermuda, the home of the 2017 Americas Cup,” said Rob Wyatt, CEO of Amlin’s Bermuda Branch. “We have been involved in specialist [re]insurance for over a hundred years and supporting exciting events like this enables us to reinforce our connection with the marine industry and with Bermuda.”

With the wind 6- to 12-knot winds right in Greenhalgh’s wheelhouse, he dominated the three races. His first victory was by nearly 1 minute and the second was by 1 minute, 30 seconds. He left little doubt as to who the best sailor was this week.

“Sailing is a game of boatspeed, there are no two ways around it,” said Greenhalgh. “If you can go faster than the other guys, then you’re halfway there.”

In a near repeat of last summer’s European Championship, Greenhalgh overcame regatta leader Chris Rashley for the victory. Rashley led Greenhalgh by 1 point entering today but finished 8 points in arrears in the final standings after placing 10-4-4. The 10th wound up being one of Rashely’s discards and he won $2,000 for finishing second.

“I had a bad start in the first race,” Rashley said. “There was a left hand wind shift just before the start and I couldn’t get up on my foils. I was pleased with how I sailed in the next two races.

“It was nice to lead for a couple of days but I expected Rob to win today. He really excels in those conditions. He’s quicker in the mid-range stuff,” said Rashley.

After the two leaders a pair of America’s Cup sailors battled it out for third and fourth. Paul Goodison of Artemis Racing wound up nipping Chris Draper by 2 points for 3rd place and won $1,500 while Draper won $1,000 for fourth place. Fifth-placed Simon Hiscocks won $500.

“I finished where I deserved,” said Draper. “I’ve only sailed a Moth seven days in the past six months, but I felt like my boathandling was better today. I’ve got some work to do on my setup.”

Greenhalgh dominated in part because he’s put in a lot of work on his setup. Today he was riding on his large foils because of the lighter winds. With the large foils it’s easier to get up on them and stay on them through tacks and jibes. As soon as a boat drops off the foils it loses significant speed.

Greenhalgh also used a canting rig system today. The system doesn’t cant the rig to windward. Instead it allows the rig to stand up straighter, which generates more boatspeed.

“A more vertical rig gives more horsepower,” said Greenhalgh. “It’s good in conditions like today, early foiling conditions, the 9- to 11-knot range. It’s definitely an advantage, but you need to know how to use it because it affects things like boom vang tension and tacking and how the boat handles.”

The Amlin International Moth Regatta is sponsored by Amlin plc, a FTSE 250-listed independent global insurer and reinsurer with operations in the Lloyd’s, UK, continental European and Bermudian markets. Additional sponsors include the Bermuda Tourism Authority, EFG International, Gosling’s, the Official Rum of the Regatta, and Kaenon Polarized.

PROVISIONAL FINAL STANDINGS (after 11 races, with two discards)
1. Rob Greenhalgh (GBR) 1-(4)-1-3-2-1-2-(13)-1-1-1 – 13 points
2. Chris Rashley (GBR) (4)-2-3-1-1-2-3-1-(10)-4-4 – 21
3. Paul Goodison (Artemis Racing) 2-3-2-(13)-10-3-1-3-4-(15)-3 – 31
4. Chris Draper (SoftBank Team Japan) 5-1-(7)-4-7-(8)-4-5-3-2-2 – 33
5. Simon Hiscocks (GBR) 3-8-(59/DNF)-2-3-7-5-2-6-10-(11) – 46
6. Ben Paton (GBR) 7-7-8-(12)-4-9-(19)-4-2-3-7 – 51
7. Jason Belben (GBR) (13)-5-11-5-8-10-8-7-11-5-9 – 68
8. Kyle Langford (ORACLE Team USA) 6-16-4-9-5-4-6-6-(20)-(29)-19 – 75
9. Anthony Kotoun (ISV) 8-(19)-12-7-6-5-7-(21)-13-19-6 – 83
10. Victor Diaz de Leon (VEN) 16-6-6-(21)-12-19-16-(24)-8-9-8 – 100
(For a complete list of results, please click here.)

Handi Foil à Fuerteventura avec Thierry Schmitter



On connaissait le Handi Kite avec un châssis sur un flotteur, voilà aujourd’hui le Handi Foil ou cette fois le châssis est monté sur un foil!

Avec ce système, c’est le foil qui amortit le clapot et non plus le rider avec sa colonne vertébrale. Le Français Thierry Schmitter qui vit aux Pays-Bas est paraplégique et a intégré le team F-One en début d’année 2015. L’image n’est pas vraiment stabilisée mais cette vidéo nous montre l’incroyable potentiel du handi foil qui lui permet d’atteindre des vitesses folles.