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GC32 Racing Tour – 2016 venues and schedule announced

by GC32 Racing Tour


For 2016, its fourth season, the GC32 Racing Tour is taking a fresh approach with the simple remit of visiting venues that will provide the optimum foiling conditions for the 32ft flying catamarans and the best, most high octane racing for its teams.

To minimise transportation time and cost, while maximising time on the water for competitors, the circuit is also this year located exclusively in southern Europe.

The schedule for the 2016 GC32 Racing Tour is as follows:

  • 26th-29th May: GC32 Riva Cup, Riva del Garda, Italy
  • 7th-10th July: GC32 Malcesine Cup at the Foiling Week, Malcesine, Italy
  • 3rd-6th August: 35 Copa del Rey MAPFRE, Palma de Mallorca, Spain
  • 22th-25th September: TBA
  • 13th-16th October: Marseille One Design, Marseille, France

The 2016 GC32 Racing Tour opens with two regattas on Lake Garda. This Italian lake is considered one of the world’s must-visit regatta venues. Not only is it stunningly beautiful, with its northern end nestled within the Alps, surrounded by giant mountains, but it is renowned for offering exceptional wind conditions and flat water. Thanks to this perfect combination, it was here in 2014, that the SPAX Solutions GC32 set a new class speed record of 37.9 knots (although bettered last year by Alinghi, which managed 39.21 knots on Lake Geneva during training).

The first regatta will be held out of Fraglia Vela Riva located in Riva del Garda, in the lake’s northernmost corner. The club is a favourite championship venue, especially with dinghy and Olympic classes and last year alone hosted World Championships for the Cadet, Topper and Musto Performance Skiff classes.

For the second, the GC32s move to the eastern shore of Lake Garda to Malcesine, where it will join The Foiling Week with racing organised by the Fraglia Vela Malcesine. The Foiling Week is an international gathering for foiling enthusiasts and combines shore-based technical discussions and presentations from leading international foiling experts, including America’s Cup designers, and racing for a mix of popular foiling classes such as the Moths and innovative one-offs as well as the GC32s.

The third event of the GC32 Racing Tour sees the fleet moving from Italy to Spain, where it will compete in one of the Mediterranean’s leading regattas, 35 Copa del Rey MAPFRE. Racing here is held on the Bay of Palma, another of the world’s top regatta venues, renowned for its consistent sea breeze – more than adequate to get the nimble GC32s foiling.

135 boats, ranging from Maxi 72s to one designs such as the popular J/80, competed at Copa del Rey MAPFRE in 2015 and the arrival of the GC32s this season is significant as it will be the first occasion the organisers, the Real Club Náutico de Palma, have allowed multihulls to compete at their premier event. The GC32s will sail on their own dedicated course with the class’ regular umpires and race management team, led as usual by Anne Mallédant.


Javier Sanz, President of the RCNP welcomed the GC32s: “Integrating the GC32 into the 35th Copa del Rey MAPFRE is the big story of this year’s regatta. These ‘flying boats’ represent the cutting edge in sailing and we, as organiser of one of the most important events in the Mediterranean, want to incorporate this very latest style of sailing into our regatta.

“One of Copa del Rey MAPFRE’s goals is to have the best sailors and boats. The GC32 Racing Tour fits perfectly with that philosophy.”

Details of the venue for the fourth event are being finalised and will be announced soon.

The 2016 GC32 Racing Tour concludes – as it has done for the past two seasons – with Marseille One Design, held on the Rade Sud off France’s second city.

Marseille is renowned for being a big wind venue and offers an attractive backdrop of the Frioul Islands and the city, topped by the impressive Basilique Notre-Dame de la Garde church. The event is organised by Sirius Events as part of Marseille’s build-up to being European Capital of Sport in 2017 and the potential Olympic sailing venue, if the Paris bid wins to host the 2024 Olympic Games.

GC32 Class President Flavio Marazzi commented: “The venues this year will provide an ideal mix – from high speed foiling on Lake Garda to one of sailing’s biggest regattas, the Copa del Rey MAPFRE, concluding with our season’s grand finale, Marseille One Design. All our venues have been selected so that they provide the GC32 crews with the best conditions for foiling.”


At present eight GC32 teams, including some of the world’s top teams such as Spindrift racing, have signed up to join the GC32 Racing Tour in 2016 and numbers are expected to swell to more than 10 over the season.

Christian Scherrer, Manager of the GC32 Racing Tour said: “I’m very much looking forward to the 2016 GC32 Racing Tour. We have some great venues, which will provide the best possible sailing for the GC32s with new events on Lake Garda as well as our first participation at the Copa del Rey MAPFRE, the top regatta on the Mediterranean. The interest shown and the number of teams that have confirmed their participation this season, shows that the new philosophy of the GC32 Racing Tour is working.”

An additional special event for the GC32s, will be the GC32 Alps Challenge Traunsee, being held on Lake Traunsee, Austria over 12th-15th May. This will be fourth time racing for the GC32s has been held out of Gmunden, a popular resort and spa town on the north shore of this picture-postcard 12 km long by 3km wide lake. The GC32 Alps Challenge Traunsee will be a match racing event (with fleet racing to determine the seeding). As an added attraction, it will have prize money amounting to 30,000 Euros.

Robert Gilruth: The First Foiling Catamaran-1938



How SEA WINGS hydrofoils developed from bathtub hobby to commercial reality. “This story begins in 1938, in Bob Gilruth’s bathroom… he started with 6-inch models…from the model tests, a full scale, 12-foot sailing catamaran with hydrofoils, CATAFOIL I was built and operated in the Chesapeake for several years.” The author started a collaboration with Bob Gilruth in 1943 that led to to world’s fastest open sea waterborne vehicle — the XCH-4. But the US Navy turned down the idea of an 80 knot patrol boat, so the author turned to commercial products. In October 1955 he tested SYNOTROPUSS, an 8-foot rowboat with fiberglass foils and 7 hp outboard that made speeds over 30 mph. The next test craft was a 16-ft Goodyear family runabout fitted with foils that could do 34-mph. In August 1956, the author associated himself with Grumman Aircraft engineering Corp. After months of testing a foil-equipped 15-ft aluminum runabout in Florida, the Grumman boat was placed on the market at the New York Boat Show, January 1957. Unfortunately, “there were so many man-hours of labor involved in production it put the cost out of reach of the mass market.” At the time this article was written, a new type of mount had been developed to allow the Sea Wing foils to be attached to many makes of 14- to 16-ft runabouts.

From: Carl, William P., “The Fantastic Hydrofoil Runabout – Its Development and Future”, The Rudder, Aug 1958

Giovanni Soldini acquista un trimarano con foil

by pressmare.itGiuliano Luzzato

Giovanni Soldini and John Elkann onboard of Maserati VOR70

Giovanni Soldini and John Elkann onboard of Maserati VOR70

Giovanni Soldini sarebbe in procinto di acquistare il trimarano MOD 70 del Team Gitana di Edmond de Rothschild, attualmente nella sua base di Lorient in Bretagna. I MOD 70 sono trimarani costruiti per un circuito di regate in monotopia di fatto mai decollato. Tuttavia le sue ottime caratteristiche di affidabilità e velocità hanno portato molti team a sceglierla per programmi di vela d’altura e oceanica. L’esemplare che Soldini starebbe acquistando è stato modificato in tempi recenti per sperimentare i foil che permettono alla barca di volare sull’acqua. Infatti lo skipper di Team Gitana, Sebastien Josse, ha in programma la partecipazione al Vendée Globe con un IMOCA 60 (monoscafo) dotato di foil mentre nel 2017 dovrebbe essere varato un nuovo maxi trimarano con foil per dare l’assalto al Trofeo Jules Verne.


Tornando a Soldini, il MOD70 dovrebbe essere ridipinto quanto prima con i colori Maserati per tornare in acqua entro il mese di luglio. Si suppone che ci sarà anche lavoro di sviluppo sui foil, finora Gitana ha sperimentato una forma a C e una a L.
Soldini aveva già fatto 11 anni fa una campagna sul multiscafo ORMA 60 con i colori TIM.


Why foiling will become a milestone in the future development of sailing (and why it’s worth investing in it)

by Martino Boselli – Global Brand Director at Safilo

GC32 crew equipped with Carrera Folding helmet at Foiling Week 2014

GC32 crew equipped with Carrera Folding helmet at Foiling Week 2014

When I was in charge as Global Brand Director for Carrera, the global eyewear, ski goggle, ski and bike helmet brand, I met the foiling week team. They proposed me to sponsor and support the initiative.

I thought “why should I invest my marketing budget into something that is not in my business core?”

Suddenly it came on my mind what happened more then 15 years ago in the ski industries.

In 1999 we witnessed a big innovation in the alpine ski industry : The carving shape. Carving skis were able to provide the experience of steering the skis on the edge, in full control without being a supertalented athlete. Everything became easier. Much easier… and boom! Now all the skis apply the carving technology.

A similar story happened to the windsurf industry in the 80s : after a huge success everything became too complicate, expensive and more focused on PRO vs AM. Around 90’s thanks to innovative rigs and surfboard construction, windsurf become easier . Now its possible to plane and have fun even with less than 5 knots.

Bottom line is that innovation, when is able to boost the experience, really drives the success of a brand/category/industry development .

I was in the middle of a decision. Is this the right place for a brand that is meant to be innovative, bold and that wants to stand out in a crowd? Is this a new business opportunity? Is the foiling week gaining momentum? is this the beginning of something new ?

Yes it definitely is.

Foiling is simply the next step, it is the pivotal point of the next sailing generation.

This is the beginning of a new era and this is the perfect sweet spot for companies that want to communicate innovation, experience, uniqueness and great passion.

Back to the Carrera story, I decided to invest in the Foiling week since we were about to launch an innovative helmet with an unique design (the “five ribs”) with no water retention.

… enjoy the video !


Andrew Macpherson interview

by John Casey Worldwide

Andrew Macpherson

Andrew Macpherson

Andrew ‘Macca’ Macpherson is an innovator in the sport of multihull sailing, leading designs such as the Nacra 20 Carbon with curved foils and the fully foiling Great Cup (GC) 32, which is one of the most talked about sailboats of the current foiling era. He’s also an all around gentleman and a guy who tells it like it is. JC caught him in Florida while he’s coaching the Uruguayan national team for the Miami World Cup. This entertaining podcast covers everything from international sailing debacles to hard core mountain biking. This is a true can’t miss event.


by Emirates Team New Zealand

© Loris von Siebenthal

© Loris von Siebenthal

Emirates Team New Zealand today announces a new partnership with Swiss GC32 and youth sailing team, Team Tilt.

The cooperation between Emirates Team New Zealand and Team Tilt provides mutual benefit for both teams and will be focused around the 2016 GC32 Racing tour and on towards the next Youth America’s Cup.

“This is an exciting partnership for both teams,” said skipper Glenn Ashby,

“Emirates Team New Zealand has always placed an emphasis on developing new talent in the sport and it will be a great opportunity for me personally to coach and sail with Team Tilt. ”

Despite its youth focus, Team Tilt already has a proven track record in major sailing events with its biggest success to date in 2015 not only winning Switzerland’s most prized event- the Bol d’Or Mirabaud on its D35 catamaran, but also the taking out the overall 2015 D35 Championship against far more established competitors Alinghi and Spindrift racing who also compete on the GC32. Team Tilt also successfully competed in the Red Bull Youth America’s Cup in 2013, finishing 4th. Some of its members have obtained world class results in the Moth Class, Extreme Sailing Series and sailed America’s Cup pre-events onboard AC 45’s.

© Loris von Siebenthal/Team Tilt

© Loris von Siebenthal/Team Tilt

Team Tilt is looking to build on its recent success and transition into foiling on the 2016 GC32 Racing Tour.

Team tilt manager Alex Schneiter explains: “Team Tilt is above all a team of talented Swiss youth promoting youth sailing at international level. The support from highly experienced Emirates Team New Zealand sailors will be huge for our guys. To have Glenn Ashby- one of the best, most highly regarded multi hull sailors in the world- sailing with and coaching our guys is amazing.”

“On a technical level, Emirates Team New Zealand were the innovators that lead the world in terms of bringing foiling to mainstream grand prix yachting, which is clearly key for Team Tilt. Even though we have been sailing high tech multihulls for over a decade, the foiling world is rather new to us and we are in the middle of a transition time into foiling”, said Schneiter

The partnership signals Emirates Team New Zealand’s continued emphasis and leadership amongst the America’s Cup community of supporting youth sailing and the next generation of the sport, highlighted by the promotion of three previous Red Bull Youth America’s Cup sailors, Peter Burling, Blair Tuke & Guy Endean into its sailing team.

Emirates Team New Zealand also plans to support a New Zealand entry into the Red Bull Youth America’s cup in 2017 in partnership with Yachting New Zealand.

For more information on Team Tilt: