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We are all in the same BOTTLE

From July 10th to 14th, at Fraglia Vela Malcesine, Lake Garda, Foiling Week will launch the initiative “We are all in the same bottle”, the goal is to stop single-use plastics on the Lake Garda. #stopusingleuseplastic.

Lake Garda is a shining geographic gem and one of the world’s most famous sailing destinations. From kitesurf and windsurf to mountain bike and climbing, Garda is one of Italy’s most important tourist destination with over 20M visitors yearly. But with its dramatic cliffs and deep blue, inland sea, this lake gives surprising insight into a global pollution problem that won’t go away, without the sort of attention and collaborative efforts the Foiling Week represents.

Local councils and communities already take good care of Lake Garda: the waters are generally considered clean, however, microplastics are in issue. Lake Garda is one of Europe largest alpine lake and its microplastic can end up in downstream rivers and eventually in the Adriatic sea.

The European Union has approved on October 24th a measure to ban single-use plastics from 2021. In Europe some cities, councils, regions have taken the step to ban immediately single-use plastics.
We propose that all city councils on Lake Garda take the same step and ban immediately the use of single-use plastic.

Foiling Weeks are one of world most prominent sailing events, started on Lake Garda in 2014. We consider it our “home base” and care for its future. Sustainability is one of the Foiling Week core values. Single-use plastic is banned from Foiling Week events. For this reason, we started a petition to extend this ban to all the Lake Garda shores.

If you want to sign the petition please follow this link:

By supporting Foiling Week and initiatives like these, you are becoming part of a responsible, worldwide community dedicated to innovation and social and environmental progress. As Lake Garda’s waters eventually flow to the sea that connects all nations, we are all in this together, inside the same bottle that is our planet Earth.


Foiling Week Regattas (July 10th to 14th)
Within the event, few key elements .are part of the show: First off is the FW Regatta: Moths, Waszp, Flying Phantom Elite, ETF 26 and a plethora of foiling boats grouped in the “all foiler” category will race on the one design race course, and then all together will race the FW Long Distance Race on Saturday.
Regattas will be streamed thanks Sailmon system.

Gurit Forum (July 11th to 13th)
Another compositional mainstay of the event is the world-class Gurit Forum, that will be run in the morning and will have topics such as Foiling Latest Developments and the Foiling Week Design Competitions.

Foiling latest developments (Thursday, July 11th)
Francois Gabart, Hugo Kerhascoet (Macif), Umberto De Luca (69F), Simone Bartesaghi, Renaud Bañuls (Sodebo), Neils Frei e Yves Detrey from Alinghi will show the latest foiling developments on offshore and inshore.

Foiling SuMoth Challenge kick-off workshop (Friday, July 12th)
The Foiling SuMoth Challenge is a competition inspired by the need for more sustainable and efficient sailboat designs and manufacturing methods. The ultimate goal of this competition is to promote sustainable practices by challenging the young naval architecture and engineering students on a friendly, technical, and sportive competition.
The Foiling SuMoth Challenge is sponsored by 11th Hour Racing, an international organization that establishes strategic partnerships within the sailing and maritime communities to promote collaborative, systemic change benefitting the health of our ocean. 11th Hour Racing is proud to support this unique design competition and foster sustainable boat building practices that consider the environmental, social, and economic impacts of the manufacturing process amongst future engineers, designers, and builders.
Participating University students will have the opportunity to discuss how to design and build sustainably an International Moth, plus how to sail it properly together with naval architects, composite builders and foiling coaches.

Multi-Purpose eFoiler submissions presentation (Saturday, July 13th)
The Multi-Purpose eFoiler design challenge is a design competition aimed at professional naval architects, engineers and designers willing to create a revolutionary electric hydrofoil concept.
The goal of this challenge, sponsored by Gurit and Torqeedo, is to encourage and promote energy-efficient transportation of people on the water, by using eco-friendly electric engines and hydrofoils.
The competing naval architects will have 20 minutes each to present their solution.

Here is the link to book your free seat at Gurit Forum:

Finally, in addition to the traditional Regattas and Forums mentioned, FW will have a Moth coaching by Francesco Bruni and a Waszp Clinic plus Learn To Fly courses and free Foiling Boat Trials by many foiling boats builders.

Foiling Boat Coaching (Wednesday, July 10th)
Francesco Bruni, the recently crowned Moth European champion and helmsman for Luna Rossa Challenge will give out (almost) all his Moth secrets at Foiling Week to all interested Moth sailors participating at the event.

Waszp Clinic. Learn the secrets of boat rigging and set up, how to make your foiling faster and faster. The Waszp clinic is run in cooperation with Europa sail school in Malcesine.

The Link for to book Foiling Coaching is

Learn to Fly (July 11th to 14th)
Have your “First Flight” RYA 90 minutes course with the opportunity to test sail with professional coaches all different sort of boat.

All the team at the Andrew Simpson Watersports Centre (ASWC), Lake Garda, are very excited to team up with Foiling Week from July 10th to 14th. As a Royal Yachting Association (RYA) recognised training centre, they will be running foiling taster courses from the NEW RYA Foil Training Scheme throughout the four days of Foiling Week.

There will be a range of foiling kit available for both sailing and windsurfing, adults and children, and all tuition will be delivered by RYA qualified Foiling Instructors with RYA taster certificates issued to all those who participate.

The ASWC team is looking forward to showing how accessible foiling can be, offering both sailors and windsurfers the opportunity to experience flying above the water along with the foiling community at Foiling Week.

The Link to join Learn to Fly course:

Foiling Expo & Boat Trials (July 11th to 14th)
Foiling Expo is an exhibition of foiling dinghies and gears. 69F, BeFoil, Flying Mantis, Pboat and Waszp Quadrofoil will be lined along the shore of the Fraglia Vela Malcesine with their designers and representatives on hand to give guided tours of the craft.
Joined with the Foiling Expo, the Foiling Boat Trials will allow experiencing production foiling boats: it is open to every sailor willing to move into the sailing 3.0. Each boat will be followed closely by a RIB with a coach that will guide the experience and ensure safety.

The trials are reserved to sailors with foiling experience, you can register here:

We look forward to seeing you at Fraglia Vela Malcesine from Wednesday 10th July to Sunday 14th at the Garda 2019 Foiling Week. Do not miss!

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