Brad Funk

Foiling Week Awards 2016 candidate
Category Foiling sailor, for best foiling achievement of the year


There’s something in the water at the Rio Olympics. In fact, there are a lot of things — condoms, cans, shoes, diapers, plastic bags, rotaviruses, superbacteria, raw sewage and the occasional corpse.

Brad Funk who didn’t qualify for Rio, has a team of helpers who spend time now doing what Games organizers didn’t do for years: pick stuff out of the bay.

Funk did what he could, one diaper at a time. He spent a couple thousand dollars of his own money to hire Niteroi fishing boat captain Julio do Outeiral Filho. He made several trips, filling Filho’s hold with bulging black garbage bags instead of fish. Joined by volunteer Camila Barroso Avelar, they spent hours plucking and hauling stuff out of the water.

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