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Sir Ben Ainslie on #downsizing

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Ben Ainslie

The Ben Ainslie Racing team has published a story explaining the team’s take on the new rule changes that usher in a new era of the America’s Cup:

The America’s Cup has ushered in a new era this week with the transition to a smaller class of boat. The process of this transition has attracted a lot of attention and we wanted to clarify what’s happened, and BAR’s position on it.

The rule change to introduce a new class of boat was passed by a majority vote of the Competitor Forum, comprising the six teams currently entered in the America’s Cup. Like the other big teams, we have had a design team of more than 20 people working on our AC62 design for many months.

Despite this investment of money and resource, we voted in favor of the change because we believe it is in the best interests of the America’s Cup and the sport of sailing. The class rules has already been published, and the team have already begun the process of examining the new rules and looking for the design, technology and innovation opportunities.

The new boats will be able to achieve speeds of close to 50 miles an hour, far faster than any other current racing series in global sailing, and a match for the 72 foot boats that raced the 34th America’s Cup. The spectator experience and television product will be undiminished, and perhaps even enhanced as the new boats will be much more manoeuvrable and able to engage more closely in the duel that is the America’s Cup.

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Ben Ainslie Racing launches in Bermuda

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Ben Ainslie Racing team training in Bermuda

Ben Ainslie is leading his team on to the waters of the America’s Cup race course in Bermuda this week. The squad is training with two foiling catamarans – the small, light, Nacra 20s – on the Great Sound.

Ainslie says the training session is important for two reasons – learning about conditions on the race course area of the America’s Cup; and upskilling the sailing team on foiling catamarans.

“Sailing the Nacra 20s here enables us to get some time on the water and get some more feedback to our designers on the conditions out here. It’s a different time of year from when the America’s Cup will be held, but it helps us understand things like wave state and the wind conditions over the island,” Ainslie said.

“It also allows us to up our skill level in the foiling 20 footers. These boats are great because it enables not just the helmsman and trimmer types to get foiling but also the bigger guys who don’t always have this opportunity to get their skill levels up as well.”

Ainslie has raced on the Great Sound before, but it’s been nearly 20 years, during a youth world championship event. He says racing on the tight confines of the race course area will be a challenge for all of the teams.

“I think it’s going to be a great challenge for all of us because the wind conditions are variable and the tight course means a lot of manoeuvring which should open up the racing,” he said.

“We’re here this week, then we’re back home and testing on the AC45 – which is going to be quite chilly – and that’s a continuing development process. We open our team base in June, which is a big milestone for us, and then we’re looking forward to the America’s Cup World Series starting in Cagliari in June and of course in Portsmouth in July.”

Original post: http://www.americascup.com/en/news/141_Ben-Ainslie-Racing-launches-in-Bermuda.html

Adrian Newey gets to realise America’s Cup dream in tie-up with Sir Ben Ainslie

adrian newey

Adrian Newey, F1’s pre-eminent designer, has always dreamed of being part of a challenge on the America’s Cup yacht race and a tie-up announced today with British sailing hero Sir Ben Ainslie brings him into that world.
Newey has withdrawn from front line, day to day F1 activity, to work with Red Bull Advanced Technologies and Ben Ainslie Racing is partnering with RBAT in the field of advanced simulation and mathematical modelling.
“RBAT will apply its simulation and modelling skills to assist Ben Ainslie Racing in various areas of their campaign, as BAR aims to bring the America’s Cup home to Britain,” said a statement this afternoon.
Meanwhile Sir Ben Ainslie said: “BAR are really excited to be partnering with Red Bull Advanced Technologies. We are in a unique position in this country, and this campaign is about assimilating the very best of British in design and engineering – RBAT epitomises this.”
Ainslie is challenging for the 35th America’s Cup, hoping to win it for Britain. He won it as a skipper for the USA team last time out, coming in to turn around a deficit to Team New Zealand of 8-1 into a stunning 9-8 victory in San Francisco and his pedigree as an Olympic sailor is unmatched.
Ainslie said of Newey, “He’s a really lovely guy and the most successful designer in Formula One history. He’s keen on racing in the America’s Cup, it’s great for us.”
“It’s all about aerodynamics and hydraulics so we’ve already started discussions with the motorsport teams in the Formula One world.”

adrian newey

Newey has long talked about the America’s Cup as a challenge that stimulates him beyond life in F1. He looked around for a new challenge last season, talking to Ferrari about a possible transfer to Maranello, but Red Bull persuaded him to stay in Britain and in their family, rather than to compete against them.
RBAT trades on the intellectual property, engineering excellence and technological know-how developed through F1 competition.
Newey’s designs have won world championships for Williams, McLaren and Red Bull in a career spanning over 25 years.

Source: jamesallenonf1.com