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C-Fly – 4 x 4 All Terrain Sailing

C-FLY Coastal was launched in 2005 to prove the layout and unique technology of the C-FLY concept. The craft is a 7.6m long catamaran designed to be practical to transport on a road trailer, assemble and sail with three crew. The beam is 5m across the hulls and 8m with the main hydrofoils deployed.

As well as the unique hydrofoil technology, she has pioneered a number of innovative concepts for the hydrofoil lowering and retraction mechanisms, the steering, and the crossbeam layout which includes a central fore and aft beam to stay the rig.

C-FLY Coastal has been used for an extensive programme of sailing trials to further advance and refine the concept as well as hone the practical skills required to sail such a radical craft.

C-FLY Coastal has delivered exhilarating performance and confirmed to the engineering team that the design has achieved the key objectives of stability in open seas, practicality and versatility, combined with breathtaking speed. The confidence gained through this programme takes C-FLY technology to the point of scaling up to the ocean version and application into other areas of high performance sailing.

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C-Fly to attempt Foiling Week on Lake Garda

From thedailysail.com, Saturday June 14th 2014, Author: Philip Kenchington, Location: United Kingdom

Extreme 40 Cowes week 2010

The British foiler, C-FLY, will be participating at the Foiling Week, Lake Garda, Italy over 8-10th July.

Lake Garda is expected to be a great venue to demonstrate the versatility of the C-FLY concept, alongside other foiling craft.

With sailing courses set to maximise the foiling action near the beach and spectator boats close at hand; the event will build on the success of the AC72 racing in San Francisco.

Foilers tacking to windward and with closing speeds exceeding 30 knots, the blistering performance gains from foils will be all too apparent.

The event is being attended by top sailors, designers and builders, eager to share the latest foiling innovations and their experiences. The morning forums will be followed by on the water action demonstrating the advances being made in everything foiling.

If the wind and waves get up spectators will see C-FLY’s unique 4 x 4 capabilities on show, exhibiting breath-taking pace and inherent stability, in equal measure.

C-FLY is a unique British endeavour to revolutionise high speed sailing and recapture the world’s deep-water sailing records. Developed by leading aerospace engineers, the technology has been proven with a 7.6m prototype, C-Fly Coastal.

TFW Forum sneak peek: C-FLY Ocean

The first C-FLY Ocean version will be a 21m hydrofoil trimaran. It uses the very latest hydrofoil technology developed by the C-FLY team, and state-of-the-art materials to create the ultimate transatlantic ocean racer.

To reduce costs and development time C-FLY Ocean uses well proven rig and hull design from established performance multi-hulls such as the ORMA 60s. For safety the craft is able to withstand damage to or loss of the hydrofoils and is designed to perform well in hull borne mode if conditions dictate.

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Hunt for the missing foil

Amazing article from thedailysail showing how to search and rescue a broken foil in the Solent, using the latest technology , testing and foil know how


The autumn trials and sailing programme were progressing well when they were dramatically curtailed by an unexpected event at sea, but one that demonstrates the versatility and safety of the C-FLYconcept… Read more on thedailysail.com