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Adam Koch Custom Designs – AK55 first test session

This is the very first session on my new freeride, hydrofoil specific kiteboard. Inspired by the Americas Cup and Moth sailing designs. You can see there is a learning curve. You have to erase all the old school board habits and simply ride the hydrofoil more. By session number 4 I have become more comfortable with the possibilities a board like this can offer.
Although this is cutting edge and for sure the first of it’s kind… I take the information from this forward thinking board and apply them to more traditional designs.
Pushing the limits forward is my frame of mind while hanging onto what we have learned from the past. I hope you enjoy and thank you for all your support.

Laird Foilboarding Kauai

Text from Men’s Journal

Hawaii-based videographer Adam Guy recently captured an awe-inspiring foilboarding session of Laird Hamilton in Kauai. With tow-in from a jet ski, Hamilton glides a foot above waves as he outruns the curling surf.

A foilboard is a surfboard with a hydrofoil attached below. When a surfer reaches a high enough speed — with the help of a jet ski or kite — the foil lifts the board above the water. By riding the submerged foil, surfers get a speed boost from reduced friction along with a smoother ride that’s not susceptible to choppy water…

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