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Oracle Team USA, is scheduled to be training on its new AC45 foiling catamaran this month in San Francisco.

by Sail-World.com NZL

“It will be great to commission the new boat,” said tactician and sailing team manager Tom Slingsby.

“You have to go back to the last America’s Cup since we’ve sailed foiling catamarans. The new boat looks great and this is really going to be the start of our new America’s Cup campaign.”

“This will be the first time we’re all sailing on the foiling AC45 so it will be a big learning curve for the whole team and it will be interesting to see how we all gel together,” said trimmer Kyle Langford.

‘We have a few new faces and we have to get these guys out sailing on foiling cats,’ Slingsby said. ‘Guys like Andrew Campbell and Matt Cassidy, who haven’t sailed these boats before so we’re looking forward to showing them the ropes.

‘But we’re also looking forward to learning. As you saw in the last America’s Cup our learning curve was so steep.’

In addition to getting the sailors up to speed, the new foiling AC45 will allow the team to test design configurations.

‘The foiling AC45 will be our tool to understand how to make our AC62 as fast a boat as possible,’ said coach Philippe Presti, who will be on hand to guide the team.

The team will be training together in San Francisco for most of the month. This will be their last training session before relocating to Bermuda in April/May 2015.


Time to fly


Today, Ben Ainslie Racing (BAR) took to the water for the first time from their temporary base in Southampton, sailing their foiling AC45. The boat originally raced under BAR colours during the America’s Cup World Series in 2012-13, and has subsequently been modified to fly on hydrofoils. GoPros supplied by Sail Spy

From Ben Ainslie Racing YouTube channel

Luna Rossa flies four hulls

After Luna Rossa Piranha, who has been sailing since July 1st, today Luna Rossa Swordfish – the second AC45 with which the team is developing its design and training for the 35th America’s Cup – also started sailing again in Cagliari.

The Protocol of the 35th America’s Cup in fact allows the modification of any component of the AC45 catamarans – used in past editions of the America’s Cup World Series – except for the shape of the hulls.

During this first phase the modifications focused essentially on the optimization of the appendages – daggerboards and rudders – and on-board systems that allow the AC45 catamarans to fully foil. These ‘new’ catamarans are capable of greatly increased performances and can simulate the sailing conditions of the AC62 catamarans (‘full foiling’ with a 30-meter wing) that will be used in the 35th America’s Cup.

Luna Rossa Piranha and Luna Rossa Swordfish have thus become real test laboratories for components, systems, data collection and analysis, as well as the ideal platforms to train the crew in manoeuvers, boat handling and foiling tactics and techniques.

Max Sirena, skipper of Luna Rossa, said: ‘This is an important day for the team: sailing with two boats offers a significant advantage not only for performance comparison but from all points of view. We participated in the last America’s Cup to set the basis for our 35th America’s Cup and now we can count on a solid team and a close collaboration between designers, sailing team and shore team. There is a constant exchange of information between these areas to address the design and optimize its applications.’

Training on the water with the two AC45s began this morning with a northwest wind ranging from 7 to 12 knots that allowed both boats to sail immediately in a full-foiling configuration.

luna rossa flies four hulls

by Luna Rossa Media