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Is this the future boat of VOR inshore racing?

We are very pleased to share with you the VS40. Our VOR Multihull Inshore Racing proposal, a performance orientated 40 foot foiling catamaran that can be folded into a single container. The unique ease of pack up and assembly driven by the tender document results in a boat that is well suited to an expansion as a class complementary to the Volvo Ocean Race.

An opportunity was seen to group together a number of people who had become connected through a variety of projects in the past. The timing of the project worked out well, coming at the end of the America’s Cup, and at an interesting time in the big picture development of foiling racing boats.

Our design group consists of Gonzalo Redondo and his d3 Applied Technologies team, Adam May, Luc du Bois, Marc Menec from IS3D Engineering, Ocke and Ted Mannerfelt from Mannerfelt Design Team, Giovanni Belgrano from Pure Design & Engineering and Bob Graham.

While awaiting the decision on the timing of the next Volvo Ocean Race, work as a group continues on other exciting foiling projects.

Foiling Week suggestion as blog editor is to submit this beauty to nominee for Foiling Awards 2017 in the PROJECT category presented by Persico Marine

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