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Foiling outlaw

Why the rule 8 is a problem? Because you can’t retrofitting a 1998 A-Class into a foiler and then go to race. You will have a lot of fun but you can’t race.

By catsailingnews.com

The theory and main goal behind the US A-Class Fleet bid to remove Rule 8 is to retrofit older boats without much investment. French sailor Bob Fischer has trasnformed the concept into a reality adapting a Bimare 1998 with L/J foils. He achieved excellent results as seen in video below. Launching issues remain (new solutions will arise) and we’re still to see how efficient this setup can become on the racing course.

Nevertheless one thing has been proven with his project: Giving new life to A-Cats that wouldn´t have much chances of sailing or racing again is now possible.
+10yrs old boats can be put back on the water for not much, and if you have / find an older solid platform, a good refined set of foils might convert that older & discarded A-Cat in a fully updated racing weapon.
Beyond racing, Bob is having lots of fun with his 98 Bimare without investing 26k Euros on the latest A-Class version…
Congrats to Bob Fischer on this project.

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