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Foling Week Expo, Trials & Experience Camp

The light conditions proved ideal for more women and youth sailors to get out on the lake and try foiling for the first time. The Waszp and the F101 were the popular choice.

Occasional sailor and entry level foiler Petrina Rizzotti and her 9 year old daughter Ottavia had a go in the Waszp.

“I tried once but I couldn’t foil but on the second time I managed to foil twice and it was great, it left the feeling that I want to try it again. I definitely want to learn and do it again.”

Ottavia aged 9 went out on the F101 and became the youngest foiler of 2017 Foiling Week. She said, “It was great, it feel very good.”

Griselda Khng from Singapore who usually sails a 49er FX skiff, had this to say about her Waszp flight.

“I had a lot of fun, I have tried the Moth but I think I was in a lot more control in the Waszp because i am pretty light, I was really impressed that I was able to control the boat a lot better than the Moth. Also the Moth has side stays and last time I tried to gybe I crashed and that was the first and last time I tried to gybe, I was actually pretty scared before I went on the Waszp today.”

“But when I was up on the foils I thought it was really fun, I didn’t feel so much vibration on the foils like the Moth, and I thought if I crash, at least I wouldn’t hit the stays and injure myself.”

“It is a lot different to sailing a two person boat because on the FX you are on a trapeze so I was definitely working my legs a lot more hiking out. Yes I would love to buy one and sail more.’”


During the afternoon a group of youngsters got the thrill of their lives with rides on a v20 Electric foiling solar powered vessel as they paraded up and down the lake in front of Fraglia Vela Malcesine.

Foiling Week Garda 2017 enjoyed four days of frantic foiling fun at a superb location. There are more Foiling Week events scheduled later in the year and early in 2018. Events are planned in Miami, Punta del Este and Sydney. Details will be revealed shortly.