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IKA invite brands to register kites, boards and hydrofoils for the new Formula Kite Class

by IKA – International Kiteboarding Association


After the decision of the last Annual General Meeting to evolve the Formula Kite class from 70cm raceboards into a foiling class, brands are now invited to register equipment, especially hydrofoils to be used in the upcoming continental and world championships.

While for kites (and 70cm boards) the same registration criteria as in the past apply (registration deadline: October 2016), hydrofoils will become eligible for competition immediately after registration (for already existing models) and new models have only a 4 week waiting period to ensure that the hydrofoils are available to everyone.

The Formula Kite class sets a strong focus on publically available equipment and does not allow prototypes, neither for kites, boards nor hydrofoils.

The next events will be the European Championships in Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy from 16 to 22 of May, and the World Championships in Weifang, China, from 9 to 15 of September.

The new Formula Kite class rules (foiling registered production equipment) will also be used in the Sailing World Cups in Weymouth and Melbourne, and the Sailing World Cup Final (date and location TBC).

Interested brands please contact the IKA office for more details on registration

IKA or IKFO… Which World Tour?

by kitenews.fr


Our trusty readers of Kitenews.fr will already be fully aware that the general atmosphere in the kiting world is wobbly and uncertain to say the least. There seems to be a bit of showdown in all disciplines making for an entertaining king-of-the-playground FFV (French sailing federation) vs FFVL (French kitesurf federation) brawl!
Within the discipline of Foil, several of the 2015 KiteFoil Gold Cup organisers got together and decided to make up a tour to rival the current IKA. Rob Dean, former IKA racing manager, is at the helm of this second new foil tour, which is to be named the Hydrofoil Tour. As the saying goes, three is the magic number ! And there is an another third foil tour : IKFO World Tour. The first event is planned to take place at FestiKite (Villeneuve les Maguelone, France) as the Silver Cup and the race organiser is no other than yet another IKA defector!

Turning now to the world of freestyle; with a VKWC not showing any signs of life since the Germany Tour Stop in August, the IKA has announced its own world tour, having so far outlined the following 4 dates;
Dakhla in early march (ex VKWC)
El Gouna mid march
Leucate for the Mondial du Vent (although still no confirmation from organisers)
Fuerteventura with René Egli (ex VKWC) this summer

Rumours suggest that the IFKO isn’t resting dormant in freestyle. They will almost certainly host a Youth World Championship in St Pierre La Mer (ex EJKC European Junior Kite Cup location) and there are a few dates floating around in talks for a IKFO Senior World Tour.
All should become clearer in the coming weeks, notably with the GM in Rome at the end of this month.
Stay tuned!