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New Canadian C-Class challenger

From thedailysail.com by James Boyd

With the next Little America’s Cup set to be held on Lake Geneva this September a new project has emerged from Montreal.

The Rafale C-class catamaran project was started in autumn 2013 by students at the École de Technologie Supérieure. It’s aim is to design and build a catamaran to compete in the next C-Class Catamaran World Championship.

Supported by Julien Chaussée, a former member of the British C-Class team Invictus and Simon Joncas, a professor at ETS and specialist in composite materials, 20 undergraduate BAcc and MAcc students are working hard to build this cutting edge catamaran.

With an estimated budget of $ 130,000, the C-Class catamaran project is significant to get to the start line in Geneva in September 2015 with a brand new boat ‘made-in Quebec’ . Thanks to partnerships with different companies, who make high quality materials and services available for the team, the boat is schedule to be on the water in the summer of 2015.

The Montreal team intends to be the first ever student team to …

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Franck Cammas présente Groupama C

Alors que l’équipe technique de Groupama sailing team a quitté Lorient pour rejoindre Falmouth où se déroulera dans huit jours le championnat du Monde de Class C, Franck Cammas nous présente cette série particulière. Le skipper fait aussi le point sur Groupama C, ses concepteurs, ses constructeurs et ses performances. En attendant avec impatience de pouvoir se confronter à Falmouth, si la météo qui s’annonce maussade lui en laisse le temps…