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Eagle 20HF reachs 36.8 knots

From catsailingnews.com By Martin Vanzulli

Eagle 20 HF Foils

When I told you a new Formula Foiling Class was coming it was no joke or wishful thinking.
Although getting airborne and even final speed does not grant you the meanings to win Course of Long Distance races (Hydroptere, White Dragons, Stunt9 etc) as we’ve been preaching for long time with the new era of beachcat foilers , this is really an impressive nr from the new Eagle 20HF

Above T wing setup being used at the speed session.
The Flying Phantom was the first efficient foiling racing beachcat then followed by the Nacra F20.

Now If this Eagle HF20 system a la Kite/Windsurf foiling kit can be refined to match FP/ Nacra F20 pointing abilities we will see a new paradigm in foil design.
At least it has demonstrated, based on reports, that without a complicated Hydroptere foiling kit it has achieved maybe a speed record for small cats.

What was again the speed achieved by the Moth some time ago?? And this is quite near the GC32s one too.

The Eagle 20HF has reached 36.8knots as reported by the yard through Michael Ehlers.
“Hi Martin
In Germany finally the sailing season started and the conditions improved.
Here an update regarding the 20 HF:
“36.8 knots / 68.15 km/h!….. “Is this a new record for 18-20foot double trapeze multihulls?”
May, 16th. 2015, Altmühlsee, Germany, wind velocity 25 knots, EAGLE 20 HF, half wind, NO Spi, just the regular jib – 5-sqms…
Congratulations to helmsman Timo Späth and EAGLE´s Mastermind Heiner Wolfshoefer…


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