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We asked our official photographer to describe herself

Martina Orsini

Martina Orsini

Since I was a child, I grew up loving travel and sailing, THANKS to my parents’ work and passion. They brought me in their travels and I remember I was always amazed by the diversity of landscape and culture IN every single country I visited. I needed to “record” everything I saw and, at some point, I realized that pen and notebook were not enough to do it. that’s how I had my first analogic camera, the ideal way to equipe my travel reports, with images.
In the same way the desire to go sailing did grow in me: I spent all the summers on board . I didn’t want to be a simple passenger,I wanted to be useful and, above all, I wanted to be able to say “One day I’ll go to see the world around the seas”. I started attending courses on dinghy and I understood immediatly that sailing was for me the most beautiful and poethic sport in the world.


Photography and sailing boats have been my two passions for over twentynine years. I developed them at the same time during high school and university. My first works as a photographer were travel articles written and snapped by me. After the graduation in philosophy, I choose a master in Photography and Visual design to study in depth the art of photography in all its aspects; it was no longer just a passion but it was becoming more and more a need, a way to express myself.


The opportunity to combine these two great loves was given to me in august 2012: I was called to do black and white portraits about sailors during the Moth World Championship in Campione del Garda. I remember I focused a lot on the surprise effect: I have never liked the portrait posing and so I was looking the most authentic expressions of the athletes while they were fitting out their boats, joking between them or waiting the wind’s coming. The human aspect has always been a pivot on which I wanted – and still want – to build my work, both in yacht race photography and in all the other types of photography.

After this event a kind of “chain reaction” has been generated and now I’m the official photographer of the Italian Moth Class Association, of the Foiling Week, of the “Vento di Sardegna” Team and of many other events linked to the nautical world. Follow the construction of a boat in the yard and see it born, taking pictures in beautiful places, try those same boats subjects of my photographs and say right now “I’m doing what I always loved”, it can only be an achievement for me, a satisfaction. And I hope to keep it doing until I really go around the seas to see the world with my boat, armed with a Nikon!

Vote for Martina at 2015 MIRABAUD YACHT RACING IMAGE

Vote for Martina at 2015 MIRABAUD YACHT RACING IMAGE

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More on Martina at www.martinaorsini.blogspot.it