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NACRA 15 – Three versions, One platform

by Nacra Sailing.


An update on the various options concerning the Nacra 15.

The approach to this concept is THREE VERSIONS in one platform.

  • BASIC Nacra 15 (aluminum straight daggerboards)
  • World Sailing Nacra 15 (curved daggerboards)
  • Flying Nacra 15 (Z-Shaped daggerbords)

Customers can upgrade or downgrade the NACRA 15 as a platform from:

  • BASIC Nacra 15 to World Sailing Nacra 15
  • World Sailing Nacra 15 to Flying Nacra 15
  • Or back from Flying to Basic.

It is all possible by changing the cassettes that hold the dagger boards. We are offering three solutions in one boat. That’s it. Our dealers will help you on pricing once available on upgrade kits or down grade kits. Just ask us.

The main focus for 2016 is the roll out of the World Sailing Nacra 15.

That is the chosen multihull for the (ISAF) WORLD SAILING YOUTH WORLDS 2016 where we will supply Nacra 15’s for the countries competing there. It was supposed to be held in Oman but Oman has withdrawn themselves from the event. So, as we speak, World Sailing is finding and securing a new venue for end of this year for these youth worlds. While we continue to deliver over the year more and more Nacra 15’s so teams can train and qualify.

Flying NACRA 15 (concept)

  • Flying daggerboards
  • L-Shaped rudders
  • Original trusted Nacra rudder system
  • Same mainsail, jib, spinnaker
  • Can still adopt all options
  • Can be changed to : Basic Nacra 15 or World Sailing Nacra 15
  • Expected launch beginning 2017
  • Will sail during Youth Olympic Games 2018 as the only sailboat

The differences between the Flying and the other versions (Basic and World Sailing, with curved dagger boards) are all on the appendices

For more information you can contact Nacra Sailing