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PoliMi Sailing Team Presentation

PoliMI Sailing Team

The PoliMi Sailing Team was born in 2007 thanks to the collaboration of teachers and students from the Design, Aerospace Science and Technology, Mechanical Engineering and Materials Chemistry departments of the Politecnico di Milano. Since then, there have been a number of changes: the team members, the technology used for designing boats and, this year, the competition we are taking part in. But, through years of constant evolution and innovation, one thing never changed: our passion for sailing and the idea that a more sustainable sailboat design is possible.

Currently, our team is made up of 22 students from Engineering (particularly Aeronautical and Mechanical), Architecture and Design majors. We are divided into four sub-teams (Structural Design, Performance, Materials Technologies and Logistics & Communication), all with their own sub-team leaders, who co-ordinate the sub-teams work between its members and the others sub-teams. All of them, in turn, are co-ordinated by our Team Manager (Arianna Bionda) and Team Captain (Alessandro Scarpellini). At the moment, we are selecting students to create a new sub-team: Sensors. This team will be in charge of designing sensors that will collect data for the designers and the skippers.

We have chosen to take part in The SuMoth Challenge because we fully endorse the three pillars of the Foiling Week (accessibility, sustainability and safety), for the project’s freedom of use and research of new eco-sustainable technologies, and because this kind of event raises awareness of the environment, especially in the new generation of the working class. It is also a project that matches our ideas of sustainable sailboat design and allows us to channel our studies into our passion; sailing.

Thank you for your consideration,
Looking forward to the SuMoth Challenge,

Chiara De Felice
(Communication Manager)

The Foiling SuMoth Challenge was created by Foiling Week™ to support and promote sustainable boat building practices. Sponsored by 11th Hour Racing, the SuMoth Challenge will challenges students to construct competitive Moth class-compliant foilers while also considering the environmental, social, and economic impacts of the manufacturing process. The teams will compete in their full designed boats at Foiling Week 2020 in Lake Garda, Italy.