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AC35: AC62 Flying Cat

From catsailingnews.com


Fast, foiling, wing-sailed catamarans will race in the next America’s Cup as the new class rule for the AC62 yacht has been released.

The AC62 is 10 feet shorter than its predecessor, but is expected to be just as fast and challenging to race for the crews, and will produce the same heart-pounding action for spectators.

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AC35 Protocol signed and released!

From americascup.com


In synthesis:

  • A new boat: 62 feet winged cats sailed by 8 crew
  • America’s Cup World Series: 2 years (2015 and 2016) with at least 6 events per year raced by the (old) AC45 cats
  • America’s Cup Qualifiers series in 2017 will be raced with the new AC62 class cat
  • America’s Cup Challenger Playoffs for the top four challenger teams to emerge from the Qualifiers
  • The America’s Cup Match, featuring the defender, ORACLE TEAM USA against the top challenger. The first team to win 7 points will win the America’s Cup
  • A crew nationality rule requiring at least 25% of the AC62 crew to be nationals of the country of their challenge

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