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The Flying Phantom chosen for Red Bull Foiling Generation

Phantom International is proud to announce that the Flying Phantom has been chosen by Roman Hagara and Hans Peter Steinacher for the Red Bull Foiling Generation 2015. A global sailing series that kicks off in Japan in April 2015. Below the Double Olympic champions and Red Bull Foiling Generation Sports Directors explain how they search for the world’s best talents and the format of this new sailing series.

“We are looking for the world’s best talents”
If you mix the experience and skills of double Olympic champions Roman Hagara and Hans Peter Steinacher, four brand-new Flying Phantom, regattas in seven countries and the world’s best young sailors then you have Red Bull Foiling Generation, a sailing series that kicks off in Japan in April 2015.

The global sailing series is open to talented sailors aged 16-20 who will be racing the Flying Phantom class innovative catamarans, a spectacular two-person vessel, capable of reaching speeds of up to 35 knots.

“We are looking for the world’s best talents”, said Red Bull Foiling Generation sports director Hans Peter Steinacher, inviting the new generation of sailors to take a step forward.

“To fly above the water with such an 18-foot catamaran gives you a good impression of what it is like to compete in a full-sized America’s Cup catamaran,” said Roman Hagara, double Olympic champion and sports director of the Red Bull Foiling Generation.

The Red Bull Foiling Generation starts in 2015 with seven events in Japan, the UK, Italy, Sweden, Denmark, Russia and France.

The races will usher in a new sailing knockout format with four boats at the start of every race, each distinctly marked with a colour, either, red, yellow, blue or grey.
The top two teams automatically advance to the next round, while the losing pair get another shot at qualifying with a lucky loser round. The draw will be further reduced in the quarter-finals and the last four, with the winner in the final crowned national competition winner.

The winners of their respective national will be invited to the inaugural world final of the Red Bull Foiling Generation in 2016 to compete but not merely for glory and honor.

Right before every event, sailing heroes Hagara and Steinacher will introduce the young sailors to the art of foiling and coach them.

“We are offering outstanding young sailors a unique career path starting on foiling catamarans in the Red Bull Foiling Generation, the Red Bull Youth America’s Cup and the Red Bull Sailing Team competing in the Extreme Sailing Series”, said Hans Peter Steinacher of the fantastic opportunities offered by the new series.

Red Bull Foiling Generation race calendar 2015

17. – 19. April Wakayama / Japan
26. – 28. June Weymouth / United Kingdom
10. – 12. July Malcesine/ Italy
07. – 09. August Malmö / Sweden
04. – 06. September Aarhus / Denmark
25. – 27. September St. Petersburg / Russia
19. – 21. October TBA / France

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