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NC Sports 16 July|#1 News Source for Sail, Surf & more! ENG

By Nautical Channel

16/7/2015] Nautical Channel’s weekly news cast covering the wide world of water sports.
Now, on this Weekly News edition:

The future is now at ‘The Foiling Week’ on Italy’s lake Garda. Vendée Globe hero François Gàbart and America’s Cup defender Shannon Falcone explain.

The Diam 24s of the new Tour De France Voile hit Roscoff, and it’s a great day for Engie and Sebastien Rogues. Senior Correspondent Sebastien Destremau captures the moment.

On the road to Rio 2016. Burling-Tuke and Conti-Clapcich take the 49er and 49erFX European titles in Porto, for New Zealand and Italy .

Ripping conditions sweep Pozo, as Philip Kostner and Daida Moreno conquer the PWA world cup in Gran Canaria for ‘Wave’ riders.

Solar Powerboating
More flash-futures in Monte Carlo for the Solar 1 Cup. Royalty takes notice as Dutch teams dominate a new ‘clean’ era now in the making.

Surf’s up as the WSL Men’s Championship Tour is back for the J-Bay Open. Special highlight preview of the massive swells and the high ‘nines’ in South Africa .
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