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The next AC will be sailed in one-design boats

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ac48 od

As Ferrari finally gives Italy something to cheer for in top level racing, the fanatical Italian fans are on the verge of losing their maritime standard bearer Luna Rossa thanks to the impending vote on the new America’s Cup One-Design 48. That’s right, folks, and you heard it here first, of course: The next AC will be sailed in one-design boats – at least if Tuesday’s Challenger vote goes the way we forecast. And Emirates Team New Zealand may follow Prada right out the door, making Russell Coutts the most hated man in New Zealand for the second time, and in Italy for the first.

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Flying A Class? Cheap and Easy

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” … He stuck new pieces onto existing curved boards. Easy. Perhaps not perfect but a great proof of concept, a critical step in development, and an easy way to learn. … ”

” … Total new expense over his existing boat built in 2011? I don’t know but wouldn’t be surprised if it was less than $1K … ”

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