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VESTAS Sailrocket 2 Vs Hidroptere. “The magic mile” world record*

by sailingcruisingscotlandtv.com


Two days after finally smashing the Outright world speed sailing record, the Vestas Sailrocket 2 team decide to tackle the ‘Nautical Mile’ world record which was held by the mighty ‘Hydroptere’. It was always going to be an interesting challenge for the VSR2 team as the speed course that they sail on in Walvis Bay, Namibia is defined by a beach which is exactly 1.04 miles long. This requires them to launch the boat out in more exposed waters and try and get up to as high a speed as they dare in rough water before they hit the start of the mile. At the end of the course they also fire out into rough water and have to bring the boat to a stop. It’s hard on the boat. The beach is not straight but has a slight curve in it . The mile is measured by TRIMBLE GPS equipment in a straight line so pilot Paul Larsen needs to balance between sailing in close to the beach for the flat water… and sailing the straightest and hence shortest distance between A and B. In this run, with winds that averaged just under 25 knots, The team smashed not only the nautical mile record* by over 5 knots averaging over 55.3 knots… but also raised their own ‘Outright speed’ record* to 59.38 knots over 500 meters hitting a peak speed of 64.78 knots (74.55 mph, 120 kph). For Larsen it was the perfect payback for 10 years chasing ‘the perfect reach’. Speed sailing had paid him back in full and a dream was realised.
VSR2 performed exactly as predicted by the Sailrocket design team of Malcolm Barnsley and Chris Hornzee Jones at AEROTROPE. The spec for the boat was to be able to hit 65 knots in 26 knots of wind in order to average around 60 knots.
* All records subject to WSSRC ratification
Directed, filmed and edited by Ben Holder.

Alinghi Break GC32 Speed Record!

From alinghi.com

alinghi speed record

Alinghi have broken the GC32 speed record! Last week, in a training session on Lake Geneva, the team clocked 39.21 knots, well over a whole knot faster than the previous record that was set on Lake Garda in July 2014. Perhaps even more impressive, the top speed is a full five knots faster than the team’s previous personal best of 34.2 knots, set only earlier this year. With such a rapid trajectory, the elusive 40 knot barrier is in sight. Onwards and, indeed, upwards!

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Plunge into the action ! ….With NC Sports

Introducing the foiling week

an event about “the third mode of sailing”
Whites and Dragons

The Foiling Week is a new event dedicated to amazing foiling boats, their designers, builders and athletes, taking place across Lake Garda, Italy from various beautiful sailing clubs in July 2014.

July 4-6thEurocup & Italian Moth Championship

July 7-9th Forum, Course Racing, Speed Testing, Ideas Exchange & New Boats!
For all classes – from kite foilers to amazing big catamarans.
There will be a forum with foiling experts that will exchange ideas, theories and experiences with a chance to see amazing foilers up-close and see the latest in performance.
Brand new foiling concept boats and production boats will be available for testing!

July 10-12th Full Foiling Catamaran Racing
Spectacular foiling boats do battle on the water

who is it for
Events are open to all sailing and foiling enthusiasts willing to share, compare and learn.
You can come and watch the racing from shore or spectator boats, listen to the conferences with America’s cup gurus and Olympic athletes, try first hand and buy production boats, or simply come for the fun.

what to expect
The fastest sailors, the fastest boats. and in between the most capable and daring designers and builders. The foiling week brings together for the first time the very best thinkers and tinkerers in the foiling fleets. Watch the racing from shore or spectator boats, listen to the conferences with America’s cup gurus  and Olympic athletes, try first hand and buy production boats, or simply come for the fun.

where & when
“the foiling week” taking place across Lake Garda, Italy from various beautiful sailing clubs in July 2014. Here a calendar, three will be the venues and three will be the event.

First racing event, the International Moth EuroCup and Italian National championship, July 4-6th at Circolo Vela Torbole in north Garda, the windiest place in south Europa.

The  Forum and Course event: From 7-9th July, middle of Lake Garda, where wind is strong but the water is flat, the best for foiling. Here in the mornig will be conferences, panel discussions and Q&A sessions. In the afternoon all classes, from kite foilers to amazing big catamarans, will course race and try to set speed records. Production boats are shown and available to try!

July 10-12th Full foiling Catamaran Racing, spectacular foiling boats do battle on the water.

more info: www.old.foilingweek.com