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The forum this year is moving online and will be freely visible on Foiling Week social channels (Facebook, YouTube and Linkedin) with the purpose of enhancing the interaction with the foiling community.
The followers of our social channels will be notified, a good reason to subscribe if you have not already done so. Alternatively, the links to the youtube live streaming will be published on this page as soon as they are available.

  Thursday, July 1st
9:00 AM Flying over barriers:Foiling for Gender Equality in pro watersports?
link to streaming
  Liv MacKay
  Kimo Worthington
  Daniela Moroz
  Jonquil Hackenberg
  Jimmy Spithill
10:00 AM IMOCA Future: Too far, too Fast, What is too much risk for the human Pilot?
link to streaming
  Sam Manuard
  Cole Brauer
  Antoine Mermod
11:00 AM World Speed Sailing Record: Pioneers
link to streaming
  Paul Larsen
  Don Montague
12:00 AM From Windsurf Freestyle to IQFoil
link to streaming
  Oda Johanne
  Sarah Quita Offringa
1:00 PM First Foiling Magazine: What to Write about? Who’s our audience?
link to streaming
  Kjell van Sice, Foiling Magazine
  Mirco Babini, President IKA
  Erik Antonsen, Progression Project
2:00 PM SuMoth Challenge: Sustainability
link to streaming
  PoliTo Sailing Team
  PoliMi Sailing Team
  Padova (Mothis)
  UniPV Sailing Team
  Rafale ETS
  Sergio Caramel, Ecofoiler
  Friday, July 2nd
9:00 AM Managing the Biggest Foiling World Event: The Cup Rulers
link to streaming
  Aaron Young (RNZYS)
  Bertie Bicket (RYS)
10:00 AM Accesibility: Foiling for All #fastblindrider
  Enrico Sulli (#fastblindrider)
  Francesco Favettini
(Action for amputees)
11:00 AM Hydrofoil Safety for the “grand publique”
link to streaming
  Edouard du Doré, (Decathlon)
  Jordi Aranega (Enginuity)
12:00 AM Don’t be a Kook: Foiling Safety and Accesibility
link to streaming
  Mike Vicens (Seakindly Foil School)
  Matt Nuzzo, REAL Watersports training
1:00 PM E-Foiling Match made in Heaven and the Future of Electric Propulsion
link to streaming
  Nicholas Leason (Lift)
  Gustav Hasselskog, Candela
  Luc Blecha (Zeest)
  Massimo de Luca
2:00 PM SuMoth Challenge: Innovation and sustainability
link to streaming
  PoliTo Sailing Team
  PoliMi Sailing Team
  Padova (Mothis)
  UniPV Sailing Team
  Rafale ETS
  SuMoth Jury
  Saturday, July 3rd
9:00 AM Game Changer: Round one of AC Foiler Design Innovations
link to streaming
  Checco Bruni
  Guillaume Verdier
  Elise Beavis
  Laura Marimon
10:00 AM World Speed Sailing Record
link to streaming
  M Van der Broek (SP80)
  Xavier Leperq (SP80)
  Benoit Gaudiot (SP80)
  Alex Caizergues (Syroco)
  Romain Lanos (Syroco)
11:00 AM Before there were Pros: Wing/Surf foil design/culture evolution
link to streaming
  Annie “Starr” Reickert
  Nils Rosenblad, NAISH
  Tony Logosz,
  Paula Novotnova (GWA)
  Klaas Voget
12:00 AM Sustainability: Does the Foiling Community have Power?
link to streaming
  Kjell van Sice (Foiling Magazine)
  Kellie Covington (Ocean Race)
  Svein Rasmussen (Starboard)
1:00 PM Keeping up with Foiling: A Federation’s Challenge
  David Graham, World Sailing CEO
2:00 PM IKA Olympic Games Kitefoil
  Gisela Pulido
  Daniella Moroz,
  Mirko Babini
  Sunday, July 4th
9:30 AM Keeping up with Foiling: A Federation’s Challenge
link to streaming
  David Graham, World Sailing CEO
10:30 AM Accesibility: Foiling for All #fastblindrider
link to streaming
  Enrico Sulli (#fastblindrider)
  Francesco Favettini
(Action for amputees)
11:30 PM IKA Olympic Games Kitefoil
link to streaming
  Gisela Pulido
  Daniella Moroz,
  Mirko Babini

Foling Week Gurit Forum Day 1

The first day of the Gurit Foiling Week Forum focused on the core subject of Safety.

John Craig – (PRO 2013 America’s Cup and deputy PRO 2017 America’s Cup) and (Regatta Director for the Extreme Sailing Series), spoke about the lessons learnt from the last two editions of the America’s Cup and the need to continue to improve race management at major high performance regattas.

After discussions at Foiling Week Newport in 2016, a World Sailing (Safety Working Group) was established to initially draft racing rules and safety requirements for ‘fast boat events’ predominantly aimed at professional events with on the water umpires.

With accidents at both the 2013 and 2017 Americas Cup still very raw and close calls at other regattas including the Extreme Sailing Series, particular attention focused on the 3 boat length zone and the ultimate requirement for much greater room for safe mark rounding and also the training of support boat/media boats as part of the race management safety plan. Even with chase boat qualifications the support boats/media boats need to be much further away from race course marks in Craig’s view.

“We still have a long way to go” he said on progress, “but at least there is momentum.”

International Moth Class President, Scott Babbage has come straight from Bermuda as part of SoftBank Team Japan to get some valuable practice time on the waters of Lake Garda. With an entry list of more than 220 boats, this years Worlds will be the biggest fleet ever and a logistical hurdle in terms of race management.

Scott is aware of the issues and advises us that the fleet will be split into groups and raced on separate race courses. Scott also told the Forum that the class has a great respect for the 3 boat length rule in the zone and that the class is to a degree self policing, but that specific race rules have not been necessary for big regattas to date, but it is something the Moth class continues to monitor.

At the Forum experts like Francesco Feletti, an extreme sports medicine specialist and Marcello Bencini from Dainese, who created the body armour for Emirates Team New Zealand, showcased the protective gear created specifically for high performance sailing competitors.

Davide Tagliapietra, a structural engineer for Groupama Team France said,
“Its up to us to put pressure on the rule makers to include human safety in the design packages of our foiling craft, for example impact and protection around cockpits”.

The Forum then heard from teams involved in the 35th Americas Cup in Bermuda. Andy Claughton from LandRover BAR shared his perspective on how the kiwis got the upper hand in the 2017 Americas Cup by providing an insight into the strategies that helped the team win back the ‘Auld Mug’.
On the successful Emirates Team New Zealand team he said,

It took 5 years for the sailors to expand their confidence and sail this design without freaking out

The kind of mentally that ETNZ had was, “Throw the ball as far as you could and try and reach it

Sailing these boats is like balancing a pencil on the top of your finger.

The Round Table discussion included Bobby Kleinschmidt (Appendage designer at ETNZ) who briefed the Forum on the trickle down effect of knowledge and analysis from the Americas Cup.

The exciting thing for me is that we are able to use technology developed in industry and apply it to sailing

The immediate trickle down is that people working on these cup boats will be working on other boat designs in the future.

The Forum on day 2 (Friday) will focus on the core topic of ‘Sustainability’ including a sustainable Mini 6.5 craft and innovative ways to reduce emissions in regatta management.

Foiling Week expands in 2016

The Foiling Weektm is the first and only series of global events dedicated to the amazingly fast foiling boats, their sailors, designers and builders.

After two successful editions in 2014 and 2015 held at Fraglia Vela Malcesine on Lake Garda in Italy, Foiling Weektm is happy to announce that in 2016 the Foiling Week will also hold an additional event in the USA.


In its third year Foiling Week Association has decided to follow up on the numerous overseas requests to hold a Foiling Week event and as a result, Sail Newport, in Newport R.I. will co-organize the second act of the Foiling Week Series 2016.

The first event in Malcesine on Lake Garda from July 7th to 10th is the ‘classic’ Foiling Week organized by Foiling Week Association together with Fraglia Vela Malcesine.

The second event of Foiling Weektm in 2016 takes place in Newport, Rhode Island, USA from September 8th to 11th.

The program will include the Forums to be held in the morning and the on water activities mainly in the afternoon with a Foiling Expo and Foiling Boat Trials available throughout the week. There will be races for the one-design classes, long distance races along with prototypes, a speed contest and a permanent training area for those not racing at that time.

Foiling Week – Malcesine, Lake Garda

At Malcesine the Moth class will have an excellent opportunity to test the waters of the venue that will host the 2017 International Moth World Championship.


The Flying Phantoms will hold a regatta as part of the 2016 Flying Phantom Series and the GC32 foiling catamarans return for a leg of the 2016 GC32 Racing Tour. The Waszp, S9, kitefoils and prototypes will also race over two race courses during Foiling Week in Lake Garda.


Nicolas Felix from Phantom International: “For the second year in a row, the Flying Phantom Series will join the Foiling Week event in early July. Lake Garda is one of the favourite sailing venues for European sailors and a perfect place to organize Flying Phantom races. With its unique dedication to foiling boats with new foiling classes this year, The Foiling Week is definitely one of the key events of the season and also a great opportunity to enjoy this fantastic area.


About their participation at Foiling Week 2016, Christian Scherrer, the GC32 Class Manager, declared: “The GC32 Racing Tour is looking forward to coming to Malcesine on Lake Garda for the second event in our season. Having the GC32 Malcesine Cup as part of The Foiling Week gives this event a very special status. The Fraglia Vela Malcesine will become the hot spot for the foiling community for the first week of July. We are counting on a great event and interesting meetings ashore.


The President of Fraglia Vela Malcesine, Gianni Testa, says: “We’re enthusiastic to be part of such a successful project that this year will also expand to Newport, USA. The Foiling Week has gained a very special status within the foiling community and in the 2016 we welcome as new member of our foiling family the GC32 catamarans with their Racing Tour. Lake Garda is one of the best spot for sailing and we’re happy to organize for the third year in a row this exciting event together with the The Foiling Week Association. We look forward to the first week of July and to lots of exciting days with foiling boats!

Foiling Week – Newport R.I.

Newport will hold races including the Moth North-American Championship and the A Class Catamaran Pre-Nationals. The C Class multihulls and a lot of prototypes will fly during the week from 8th to 11th September.


Brad Read, who heads Sail Newport, which masterminded the last Volvo Ocean Race stopover, declared “We are very excited to bring this international event to Newport. High-performance sailing has a home here and has for generations. Sail Newport Sailing Centre is the home of one of the nations largest foiling Moth classes. Narragansett Bay is popular for kite boarders which are now equipped with lifting foils as well as the foiling A Class catamaran fleet in Bristol.
Boats that literally fly out of the water are not a new development. The technology is becoming more ‘mainstream’. We look forward to the sharing of technology and showcasing ideas among sailors from around the world in Newport Rhode Island in September.


In the past editions a lot of flying boats including foiling mono hulls, multi hulls, kite-surf boards, windsurfers, and a wide variety of prototypes have been sailed by sailors including professionals such as Sebastian Col, Francois Gabart, Josh McKnight, Stefano Rizzi, to name just a few.

In both venues the Forums will be scheduled during the week with presentations in the morning and a round table with Q and A’s to close the sessions on these days.


Around 40 influential speakers will join in the most relevant Foiling Forum subjects worldwide for three days. In previous editions, designers, sailors and builders including Tom Speer, Martin Fischer, Kevin Hall, Davide Tagliapietra, Doug Schickler, Guillaume Verdier and Andrew ‘Amac’ McDougal have provided detailed analysis, explained projects and shared informative discussion on the art of foiling and ideas for future developments.

Forum Workshops will be scheduled during the mornings and at the end of racing in the afternoons from Thursday 7th to Saturday 9th July in Malcesine and from Thursday 8th to Saturday 10th in Newport. Special forum sessions are open to those who have innovative ideas and projects to propose.

An Exhibition of foiling crafts and test trials on board some of the boats, provides a rare opportunity to try the ‘third mode of sailing’.

Nominations are now open for Boat Show exhibitors and sponsors who would like to support the events.

Foiling! – Fast, Furious and Fun

The foiling week is pleased to invite applications to the Malcesine and Newport Forums. We are also pleased to invite local and international companies to sponsor and/or exhibit at the Foiling Week events 2016. Please write to contact@old.foilingweek.com

Foiling Week™ 2015 – John Downey

Interview by Foiling Week.

John is the Principal and one of the founding members of Sentient Blue. His sound grasp of both fluid dynamic and engineering principles allow John to keep the more talented (and qualified!) members of the team grounded and focused on the task of producing a very fast, but sailable C Class. His involvement in many projects during his career enables him to provide a tight focus on the management of this complex project.

The WASZP unveiled

Last year at the Foiling Week Andrew McDougall presented the development process that started back in 2010 to a keen audience and decided the TFW Forum would be the perfect place to let the WASZP hatch: “Foiling week just rocks, because it brings sailors and designers together to exchange ideas and of course race at a beautiful spot.”

Today, Andrew McDougall launched his latest creation, the WASZP, at the foiling week.
Compared to his Mach2 foiling Moth, this single-handed, one design foiler is accessible to a wider range of sailors in terms of cost, weight and skill. The choice of three rigs provides options for 40 to 100 kilo sailors and the adjustable wings that fold up for storage also translate into a stable platform for beginner foilers to advanced racers. The retractable alloy foils make launching and retrieving as quick and easy as any other dinghy. Sailors will find that even in non foiling conditions, this new boat is fast and fun to sail and race. The aim is to quickly establish the WASZP as an ISAF international manufacturer controlled class and make it a fun racing class with new disciplines.

More information on the WASZP http://www.waszp.com