Gurit Forum (July 11th to July 13th)

  Thursday, July 11th Friday, July 12th Saturday, July 13th
9:00 am

Francois Gabart – 30 days around the world? Advances with MACIF Ultim

Bruno Giuntoli – SuMoth Sustainable Moth Design Challenge

Kellie Covington – MarineShift360 Lifecycle Assessment with 11th Hour Racing

Bruno Giuntoli – The Multi Purpose eFoiler Design Competition by Gurit / Torqeedo
9:20 am Hugo Kerhascoet – Intelligent Autopilot: Taming MACIF Ultim Politecnico di Torino Politecnico di Milano –  SuMoth Challenge student competition Morgane Suquart – MMProcess, MPeFoiler design compcet
9:40 am Renaud Bañuls – Passive/Active speed improvements Sodebo Ultim

Politecnico di Padova .    Central Nantes (FRA) –  SuMoth Challenge student competition

Cristian Pilo – Team Blue Matrix, MPeFoiler Design Concept
10:00 am Thomas Gaveriaux – Persico Marine, Sustainability in composite manufacturing.

Anaëlle Manon & Sebastien Jaffaux – EPFL Hydrocontest team and the Monaco Solar Boat Challenge

Massimo de Luca – Futur-e, MPeFoiler design concept
10:20 am Umberto De Luca – 69f Monohull Foiler: Foiling with a Team Gurit & Torqeedo – MPeFoiler Design Challenge sponsors Simon Pivec & Marjan Rozman – Quadrofoil, Recreational monohull Foiler for two
10:40 am Simone Bartesaghi – Kite Foiling “Mast Ventilation” Management Cedric Rafin & Alan Le Calvez – BeFoil a Convertible Catamaran Foiler  Marco Sgalaberni – 15 meter foiling Luxury Yacht
11:00 am Tamara Klink – MMProcess: The design of a Foiling Plane  Laura Marimon – Understanding Foils efficiency under loads:  Fluid/Structure interactions Round Table – Broadcast Appeal: How to make sailing a mainstream sport
11:20 am Neils Frei & Yves Detrey – Design of a new 2 person foiling dinghy Aurelio Proserpio – P10, Foiler from a Box Rule Class  
11:40 am   Round Table – Exploring the limits of Foiling: Who says when to stop?  
1:00 pm   SuMoth Workshop  
6:00 pm   Theory and Sailing  

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