The Foiling Week takes shape. More people and program confirmed

“The foiling week” confirms its schedule of events and the location choice, and the signing up form is available from today.

At you will find the form to pre-register yourself. By filling in the form you’ll get access to the opportunity to be at the Forum and the round tables as a spectator, to jump onboard to test the boats and join us on the on-water events.

The list of players of the “the foiling week” gets longer every day, the forums and roundtables will be animated by:

Andrew MacPherson
Chief of Operations GC32 catamarans

Andrew McDougall
Designer and sailor Mach2 moth

Davide Tagliapietra
Schickler Tagliapietra Yacht Engineering

Edoardo Bianchi
White Dragons designer, Blacks Advanced Composites CEO

Jeremie Lagarrigue
Project manager C-Class

Katherine Knight
Physiotherapy, Artemis Racing America’s Cup team

Kevin Hall
2004 USA olympic team and Team Artemis AC34 navigator

Mario Caponnetto
Wingsail Design and Head of CFD for Oracle AC33, AC34

Martin Fischer
Groupama C Class, GC32 and Flying Phantom designer

Mirco Babini
President IKA International Kitesurf Association

Mitch Booth
Catamaran Olympic medalist

Scott Babbage
President IMCA International Moth Class Association

Tom Speer
Oracle Team USA – Aero & Sail Project Leader

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