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Moth Worlds becoming mini America’s Cup


bora gulari

The Mornington Peninsula in the Australian State of Victoria will be the setting for the 2015 Moth World Championship on January 9-16, with field littered with Olympic medals and America’s Cup competitors coming to the iconic Sorrento Sailing and Couta Boat Club to sail on the southern stretches of Melbourne’s Port Phillip. – See more at:

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Time to fly

Today, Ben Ainslie Racing (BAR) took to the water for the first time from their temporary base in Southampton, sailing their foiling AC45. The boat originally raced under BAR colours during the America’s Cup World Series in 2012-13, and has subsequently been modified to fly on hydrofoils. GoPros supplied by Sail Spy

From Ben Ainslie Racing YouTube channel

Gordon Kay présente ses foils pour monocoques IMOCA

dss-L imoca

DSS-L 2.0

Dynamic Stability Systems se réjouit de la décision d’IMOCA de ne pas ajouter de restrictions à sa classe. Cela permettra aux six nouveaux IMOCA 60 actuellement en construction, ainsi qu’à la flotte existante d’être pourvus des foils latéraux promus par DSS depuis une décennie. Les foils ont déjà été installés sur des voiliers de performance d’Infiniti à Quant, et ont aussi aidé le maxi Wild Oats XI à sa victoire l’an dernier lors de la course Rolex Sydney Hobart.

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Here a video showing DSS 1.0 application on commercial boats

65 knot + Rocket Ride Anniversary edit

With so many people asking “what is it like” to sail this boat at this speed, we thought it was time to do a more ‘pure’ edit of our fastest, final incredible run. This run shows Vestas Sailrocket 2 absolutely smashing the outright world speed sailing record and easily becoming the sports first true 60 +knot boat. She averaged 65.45 knots over the 500 meter course and hit a peak speed of 68.33 knots (78+mph, 126 + kmh).
Beware, this contains the actual audio from the helmet of the Australian pilot… and there was swearing.
We had it covered from many angles and all those little cameras cost us a little bit of speed… so we might as well use all the footage that was captured. All the shots here are from the third run of the day and are edited to the actual voice recording of the pilot in real time. The video shows the full sequence of a full run from being released from the support RIB to burning down the 500 meter course in under 15 seconds… and of course the celebration that ensued. Some of the details to look out for are when the leeward side of the boat buries underwater whilst trying to get started and when the big, low speed rudder drops down at speed on the back float (you can see it kick the boat sideways at the start of the high speed section).

From Paul Larsen Youtube channel

Glamorous foliling

FLYING DREAMS “An Ocean Story”

Flying Dreams movie directed by the talented Elsa Blayau is an ode to ocean, water sports and femininity. Based on an original idea from Alex Udin, Elsa Blayau transformed the project to a complete story and brought it to reality with this realization.
The main character is played by Claire-Lise Welter a french water ski athlete double European champion in slalom. Claire-Lise embodies the modern woman, elegant and sporty.
The movie was shot with 2 cameras one Phantom Flex rigged on a stabilized crane and a Sony F55 CineAlta 4K to provide high speed, high quality and high resolution. During two days, more than 20 crews participated to the shooting that took place some miles away from the coast of Brittany.

Phantom International is very pleased to share this movie with you and we hope you will all have Flying Dreams.

Des foils sur les IMOCA ? Les explications de Jean Kerhoas

From Vendée Globe official website

alex thomson hugo boss imocaL’Assemblée Générale de l’IMOCA s’est tenue hier, mercredi 15 octobre, à Nantes. Deux décisions importantes y ont été prises : les appendices porteurs (foils) ne seront pas interdits et on ne changera plus la règle d’ici la fin du prochain Vendée Globe. Il y aura donc bel et bien des foils sur les prochains bateaux. Interview du Président de la classe, Jean Kerhoas…

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HY-X, the prototype of a revolution


All the expertise of Hydros and its partners concentrated in the first efficient hybrid yacht in history.

Thanks to its retractable foils, this hybrid motor boat is comfortable under any conditions. At low speed in marinas or flying one meter above water, the HY-X provides its passengers with a unique experience.

Efficiency, Comfort and Performance

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