Bora Gulari – Part 1: Details Make The Difference

Bora Gulari, two-time Moth World Champion, reveals to Bill Goggins, his go-fast secrets, the importance of the help of friends, the lessons of heroes and future goals.
Recorded November 2013, a transcript of this interview appeared in the February 2014 edition of Seahorse magazine.

One thought on “Bora Gulari – Part 1: Details Make The Difference

  1. Ahoy and Warmest Aloha from The Friendly-Isle, Saiko desu Bora-san! Ichiban x2 (Worlds Champ), Gulari-san has spot-on Pilot-factor, has More-Early than Early Pre-Preparations, and His concert-directives follow thru is very similar Flavour of Consistent Success like the paying attention scenario that made the 34th AC Movie Script USA #17 G! to (9) and NZL Silver Feather remained at (8)… Indeed the Fine-tuning, and Smooth Level Flight-Control of the Precise-Systems makes all the difference, “Paying Attention to Applied (tried-n-true) Polished Riding Styles; in fact pilots, and Squadron Wing/Foil leaders like Bora, Randy, Glen, Jimmy, Sir Benjamin, Dean, Loick, Nathan, Annie, Joanna, Hauoli, lia ect. ect. They All Transcend Riding Styles; Collectively All these Ali’i skippers, and extreme pilots Foiling/Flying- All have set the Concert of Life in Play, to Continue-On Sailing/Foiling/Flying Faster than the Wind and Be One with The “Pulse” of the Wind and Waves, being accountable, and sharing the Knowledge, and Wisdom to Simply, Most Efficiently maintain the Effortless Sweet Glide… We are much anticipating the next Bora sit-down Talk Story sessions, can not wait!!!
    Bora, You Da Bomb- Please build upon your “GOD-given” Foundation, Keep Pulling the Apparent, with the very Best, Mo-Bigga/Mo-Bettah VMG; Closer and Deeper unto the venturi-effect Developed Wind for Dynamic Upwind Penetrator Surfing mode, and downwind-suck “Squirt”-“Squirt” across swell, Surfing-Penetrating glide-ratio mode!!! Oh! and No-Forget Have a Surfilicious-Day with More Per Euros/Dollar/Yen/Rial/Yuan ect. aloha nui
    P.S. I do so very much Wonder if Foiling Moth Pilot-factor and S.9 FlyCat “learning-curve” Polished-Systems shall compare notes to exceed even further beyond Our Greatest Expectations with What, and Why a 12′ Platform-n- “Packinging-Rigs” will trully indeed set the New Benchmark for Safer, and Faster/Smarter, More Simple Dialed-In Systems … Keep Your sights on the future Debut of the Hybrid Wing come unto Completetion, both National -n- Global Hui Ohana for expanding deeper and more Inspired, and Encouraged Transformations with harnessing the tighter-angles, and Fluid Dynamics progressive numbers Arigato. and Mahalo Hui Loa ciaou

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