Does the Cup of the future irrevocably turn its back on its history as a challenger- driven event, conducted in the manner of grand yachting?

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Does Russell get his catamaran circuit or not?
That is the question.
I mean, the catamaran circuit he really wants, in the long run, even if he has to drag the America’s Cup with it.
It’s a question underlying all the chatter and all the undercurrents and all the dissension surrounding the outlook for America’s Cup 35 at this www of the AC potboiler du jour. And, of course, the vote to move to smaller boats closer to the familiar AC45 model, and to run all of the America’s Cup eliminations in Bermuda.
To lower entry costs and bump up the number of competitors, perhaps one or two from Asia, at the risk of peeling off a couple of, should we say, “minor” teams. Patrizio Bertelli’s Luna Rossa, for example, which threatened to withdraw in such case, and today announced — ta da — they have withdrawn.
No arithmetic, please, or we’ll soon be talking about the plight of Team New Zealand.
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