Another foiling catamaran circuit planned for 2016

By Johno Fullerton

design by martin vanzulli

Foiling World Cup:

Another foiling multihull series is planned for launch off in 2016 with some bold claims.

Close action, engrossing battles, slick commentary, short races, legendary skippers, wild rookies and all starting exactly on time. Sailed in innovative double trapeze foiling multihulls!

The Foiling World Cup plans short course racing, close to spectators and media in sailing arenas around the globe.

The events hope to breath fresh life into city lakes and port regions and create a festive atmosphere around the sailing arenas.

Foiling World Cup

The new full carbon formula foiling multihulls (20 footers) will have a ‘box rule’ to allow innovation and cost control. Every boat builder is welcome to join the race with his own design.

Events are planed in Europe, America, Asia, Middle East. One lap around the globe. The best male and female sailors in the world will be invited to compete, open entry!

The circuit will have new racing rules written by the International Foilracing Association (IFA). These rules are specially designed for highspeed foiling and simular to land and ice sailing rules also influenced by F1 Motorsport.

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