2016 Moth Australian Championship: Interview to Emma Jane Spiers – 1st female

By Jonny Fullerton, Grand Prix Sailing


Image by Rick Steuart of Perth Sailing Photography

Jonny Fullerton: What type of boats have you sailed before you got a Moth?
Emma Jane Spiers: When I came to Australia I had a 29er and then a 49er, then I bought my first Moth six years ago in 2010.

JF: Coming from a skiff background that gave you a good background for foiling but what inspired you to try Moth foiling?
EJS: There was an opportunity to have a go on a demo boat in Woollahra (Sydney) and that was it, I just wanted one, I was hooked!

JF: How long did if take you to get foiling?
EJS: It took me quite a while, I’d say about 6 months before I was able to get around the race track regularly but I had a lot of help from the people at Woolara so I think that was key for me, having other people at the club who could give me advice on how to get a bit quicker.

JF: You have been quite successful in the Moth class?
EJS: I have had success at the Nationals but not at the Worlds!

JF: Well the majority of the female competitors at the last Worlds were Olympic sailors but for the amateur club sailor, what advice would you give to other club sailors wanting to get foiling in Moths?
EJS: Find a club where there are other Moth sailors because it is much easier to fast track is to find people who can explain how the boat works. It is a very friendly class, there is heaps of information on the internet and class sites. You can find videos. If you reach out and ask questions, people will always help you so it actually not as daunting as some might think.

JF: What are your regatta plans for 2016
EJS: I would like to go to the Worlds in Japan if work doesn’t get in the way! I will be very focused on the Worlds in Lake Garda, Italy the following year but I really want to sort out my fitness so I am going to do a lot of cycling this year to improve my fitness.

JF: I wish you all the best with those plans
EJS: Thank you

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