Lake Garda: Beginning in May STICKL FOILING CAMP

As the first watersport-center to do so, in 2016 Heinz Stickl introduce FOILING. We take off and fly at kitesurfing, windsurfing and especially while sailing on Moth, WASZP, foil-catamarans and the QUANT 23, a flying keel-yacht. Beginning in May at STICKL FOILING CAMP.


QUANT 23, a flying keel-yacht

After the successful season 2015 where we offered first foil trainings on the Moth Mach 2, we have the strong believe, that foiling is not a short term trend, but will be a permanent development. New materials in boat construction make it possible to take off and fly on super light boats and catamarans at barely 3 beaufort. Flying above the water while others putter around is fun, is to learn and brings new emotions into the world of watersports.

With the FOILING CAMP we want to offer our guests the opportunity to take on this new challenge and test various devices during test-events. Beginning at the new mini-dinghy WASZP to flying catamarans and even the Quant 23, a 7 meter flying keel-yacht. But even foil-kiting and foil-windsurfing offer new challenges for surfers. Additionally to these events, the FOILING CAMP already offers trainings and rental for the entire season.

Either the INTRO-TRAINING combined with a rental package: TRY & FLY – the Quant 23 and catamarans, that can be sailed independently by experienced sailors after a short briefing.

Furthermore, we offer weekly courses from Monday to Friday as well as weekend courses for example on the WASZP, where the weekend course is minimum preparation.

There will be new foilers added to Stickl Foiling Camp continuously. Some for testing and some as part of the fleet of boats that are available from April to October for course program and rental.

A new era just begun and you can be part of it on boats that fly and are incredibly fun to sail!

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