A Class Petition

by Thierry BOISBOUVIER via change.org


The French Sailing Federation FFV has decided to impose its point of view in France on the International ‘A’ Class Catamaran that has been raced at regattas for 30 years in France without any major problems.

The FFV want to separate the class into 2 types (classic and open/foiling) and prohibit starts of over 20 boats for the open/foiling class.

This decision was taken in spite of the FFV’s stated duty to be compliant within the class rules, by its international commitments to World Sailing (ISAF) and it’s continuing to allow start lines of frequently over 100 boats without major incidents.

We ask :

• The FFV to comply with the Class Association (AFCCA) and the decisions taken by its members in accordance with its own rules.
• The FFV respect its international commitments to World Sailing (ISAF) and IACA
• Does not impose a split of the boats within the class.
• Does not impose starts limited to 20 or 25 for the A Class open/foiling designs.

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