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2021 FOILING WEEK Final Report

Foiling Week 2021 has come to a close after an action-packed 4-day weekend of racing, forums as well as multiple initiatives.
All of the regattas were supported by Sailmon Instrument ( with 5 classes involved: Moth, Waszp, ETF 26, Onefly and Wing Foil.

The Moth racing in partnership with Liberty Bitcoin Fund ( saw a fleet of 58 boats give life to spectacular action on the water, with Tom Slingsby from Australia taking the event win after a near-flawless performance. Italy’s Ruggero Tita came second, and Hong Kong’s Nicolai Jacobsen took third.
Female and male sailors competed together with awards given to the top three women; Lisa Schweigert came in first, followed by Franziska Mäge and Marie Soler.

The 30-strong Waszp fleet was won by Paul Hameeteman, followed in second by Charles Cullen and in third Jeppe Borch. For the women, Margherita Porro from Italy got first, Nora Dosksrød from Norway second and Mathilde Robertstad also from Norway third.
The OneFly fleet saw Aymeric Blin from Switzerland come away with the win, followed by France’s Samuel Lelievre and Sébastien Aubord also from Switzerland.

Amongst the ETF 26, the ABC Enterprise du Morbihan team from France took the event win, Youth Foiling Team also from France came second and Toroa from England came third.

The WingFoil racing saw Francesco Capuzzo from Italy come away with the win after a very strong showing; Riccardo Zorzi from Italy took second and Pietro Leon Kiaulehn took third; Pietro Migliorini was first of the grandmasters.
The wing foils also took part in an Air Style competition where Riccardo Zorzi took first place, Francesco Capuzzo second and Stefan Spiessberger third.


With a focus on youth as well as promoting sustainability, accessibility, and safety, the three Foiling Weeks pillars, Stages 1 and 2 of 2021 Foiling SuMoth Challenge, sponsored by 11th Hour Racing, took place during the event.
Polito Sailing Team (Politecnico di Torino; Italy) took the win on the Stage 1 design phase followed by PoliMi (Politecnico di Milano; Italy) in second place and Rafale ETS (ETS Montreal; Canada) in third. It was a close battle as all teams had innovative ideas in both the sustainable and technological plan for their sustainable Moth concepts. With great commitment and passion, PoliTo managed to complete and sail test their SuMoth Concept “Keth” and set the first speed record in the SuMoth era and taking home the 2021 SuMoth Challenge Stage 2 prize.

All regatta prizes were made from recycled carbon fibre composites supplied by our partner Microtex composites (; a big thanks also go out to Gac Pindar (, our logistics partner, Helly Hansen (, our official clothing partner, our sustainability partner Torqeedo ( and Polynt (,

The Foiling Week forums, sponsored by Gurit Group (, in co-partnership with Persico Marine (, brought up some interesting discussion subjects including; the accessibility of the new Olympic foiling classes, the future of America’s Cup from designers and organizational point of view including Guillaume Verdier, Aaron Young and Robert Bicket, the World Sailing Speed Record with SP80 and Syroco, open discussion about gender equity with the Magenta Project members, the future of electric foiling transportation with key players in the field and a sustainability discussion with the SuMoth Challenge teams and NorthernLight composites along with many others that can be seen in replay on all Foiling Week social media channels (Facebook/Youtube).

But that’s not all that went down at Foiling Week 2021; many people felt for the first time the joy of foiling thanks to the Manta5 electric foiling bikes from New Zealand or the Lift electric foil boards.
Some even had their first taste of flight through the WASZP trials, in collaboration with Europasail, or foiling RS Aero and Wind Surf Foiling supported by the Andrew Simpson Watersport Center Lake Garda.
Also, in collaboration with the Magenta Project, the daily briefings hosted by Liv Mackay,
Margherita Porro and Franziska Mäge helped create a closer group of female sailors in foiling so that in the future there can be more and more women interested in the sport thanks to the support of others competing.

All in all, the Foiling Week 2021 helped bring positivity back to the foiling community so hopefully, we will see more and more events soon; Foiling Week still has a lot of exciting news on events and initiatives to deliver in the near future so stay tuned, but for now, we’ll see you at Foiling Week 2022.

Foiling Week 2020 Results


pos nat sail no. sailor club
1 MLT 2915 SCHULTHEIS, Richard Malta Young Sailors Club
4 HUN 2740 MUNKA, Marton Tecon
5 MLT 2586 SCHULTHEIS, Victoria Malta Young Sailors Club
7 CZE 2572 MARECEK, Simon YC Brno
9 FRA 2358 MANU, Taine Club var mer
10 ITA 2669 ZIPPERLE, Marc Fraglia Vela Malcesine
11 GBR 2867 CARVETH, Geoff Warsash SC
13 CZE 2573 VÍTOVEC, Matej YC CERE
14 ESP 8 RUIZ PONCE, Pablo RCN Palma
15 SUI 2536 DUCHOUD, Nicolas SCoW
16 CRO 2542 MATULIC, Krsto Yc Biograd
18 MLT 2383 SCHULTHEIS, Antonia Malta Young Sailors Club
20 HUN 2539 GEMESI, Gyula D-one
21 SUI 2540 GLOOR, Michael ZYC/SCH
22 SUI 2194 MÜLLER, Pit SCC
22 FRA 4659 ARTHAUD, Aymeric SRA


pos nat sail no. sailor club
4 ESP 4623 BOTIN, Diego Real Club Marítimo de Santander
5 GER 4 MÄGE, Maximilian BYC
6 FRA 7 MARIE, Benoit Sno Nantes
7 SUI 4152 RIGOT, Fabrice
9 GER 4047 HUBER, Thomas SVBb
10 GER 4340 ADOLPH, Kai Dtyc
11 SWE 4599 INKYOV, Danny KSSS
12 FRA 465 BERNAZ, Jean-Baptiste Sainte maxime
14 POL 4609 GRACZYK, Robert MKZ
15 ESP 32 MASSANET, Toni RCN Palma
16 AUT 4040 HRIBAR, Philipp kyco
17 FRA 4049 HIRTZMANN , Paul SNL
18 NED 4563 COSTER, Kalle
19 SWE 4608 BERGSTROM, Jonatan GKSS
20 GER 4375 MÄGE, Franziska BYC
21 CRO 4633 DOGAN, Luka JK Split
22 FRA 4396 DELPECH, Noé YCPR Marseille
23 ESP 6 CARDONA, Joan RCN Palma
24 GER 4624 MAEGE, Carlo FSV
25 SUI 4275 SCHILLER, Philippe societe nautique geneve
26 FRA 4480 D’ORTOLI, Julien YCPR
28 GER 3797 FOLLMANN, Patrick DTYC
31 FRA 4520 LE GUIL, Gaetan YCF
32 SLO 4201 TOMORI, Luka JK Pirat, Portoroz
33 GER 4698 MICHAEL , Thias WSGR
34 FRA 3488 D’ORTOLI, Romain YCPR
36 ITA 4451 VOGT, Jonas DTYC
38 GBR 4149 BRIDLE, Graham Brightlingsea
41 SWE 4291 BERGSTRÖM , Rasmus GKSS
42 GBR 4179 REES, Philip BELTER
43 FRA 4072 SUQUART, Morgane ANSQ
44 SUI 3774 MEYER, Mathieu Société nautique de genève
46 FRA 4659 ARTHAUD, Aymeric
47 FRA 3275 BOULE, Caroline
48 ITA 4 DE FELICE, Lorenzo Medium
48 ITA 4638 ZENNARO, Enrico Yacht Club Portopiccolo A.S.D.
48 SRB 3983 GAL, Viktor JK Palic
48 GBR 3978 ELDRIDGE , Bobby ESSC
48 GER 3622 BRAUN, Ludwig SGU
48 AUT 4667 AICHHOLZER , Christoph SCTWV Achensee

Persico 69F – GP 2.1

pos team crew points
1 KINGDOM TEAM NL Lambieux, Savelon, van Aanholt, Gallinaro, van Rooijen 89.5
2 FANTASTICA 2 Fanceschini, Celon, Salvà 86.0
3 RHKYC TEAM AGIPALST Cantero, Gregor, Jacobsen 59.5
4 OKALYS Mettraux, Casas, Ravussin 48.5
5 FANTASTICA 1 Gobbi, Cirillo, De Luca 39.5
6 SECTION 16 Alloway, Davies, Rast 33.5


pos wing rider
1 Balz Muller
2 Riccardo Zorzi
3 Paolo Migliorini
4 Matteo Guazzoni
5 Edoardo Vivian
6 Mattias Muller
7 Ivano Bommartino
8 Stefano Battistoni
9 Ivan Scimonelli
10 Elia Rossetti

Flying Phantom

pos sail no. crew club
1 SUI 002 Morgan LAUBER Sebastien AUBORD CNM
2 SUI 5 5 Alexandre SCHNEITER Kristoffer JONSONN SNG

Single Catamaran

pos boat sail no. crew club
1 Classe A GER 6 Rainer BOHRER CVA
2 S9 ITA 00 Alessandro CALDARI C.V.Ravennate
3 IFLY 15 NED V Jentje DE BOER WSV Bestevaer
4 S9 ITA 1 Michele PETRUCCI CV Cesenatico
5 IFLY 15 GER X Ernst-Michael MILLER YcStH
6 S9 ITA 4 Giacomo BANDINI Circolo Vela Cesenatico
7 S9 GBR 2 Flaviano TESSITORE LNI Ostia
8 S9 ITA 0 Carlo Federico FELETTI ADRIATICO Wind Club
10 S9 ITA 007 Federico VILLANI CDV ROMA
10 IFLY 15 FRA IIII Antoine PETIT CNS Sciez
10 S9 ITA 41 Giambattista GIACCHETTI SV Viareggina

MATCH RACE – by World Match Racing Tour and 10′ Pocket Foiler

pos crew
1 Vittoria Caputo
2 Jacopo Travaini
3 Sofia Caputo
4 Pietro Ferromilone
5 Andrea-Luca Bristot
6 Leonardo Giaccetti

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L’unica edizione del 2020 di Foiling Week omaggia Chico Forti, la sua famiglia e le organizzazioni degli amici che seguono il suo incredibile caso.

Chico FortiCi racconta brevemente la storia Gianni Forti, lo zio di Chico:

Per chi non la conoscesse ancora, raccontiamo brevemente la sua storia. Il 15 giugno 2000, Chico è stato condannato all’ergastolo per un delitto per il quale si è sempre professato innocente.
La pena inflitta dal giudice, dopo un processo sommario, È stata quella di una condanna all’ergastolo senza sconti, da dove potrà uscire solo da morto. La sentenza ha lasciato esterrefatti quanti avevano seguito il dibattimento processuale, increduli che una giuria avesse potuto emettere “oltre ogni ragionevole dubbio” un verdetto di colpevolezza sulla base di flebili, confuse e fantasiose “prove circostanziali”.
Per dimostrare il grave errore giudiziario, sono stati presentati numerosi ricorsi a tutti i livelli nelle varie corti di appello della Florida, ma tutte le mozioni sono state respinte senza discussioni o motivazioni, nonostante fosse stata presentata una enorme documentazione di prove a sgravio.
Ogni azione legale sembra definitivamente preclusa, per cui si è dovuto ricorrere all’intervento dello Stato Italiano per riportare Chico in Italia come detenuto, dal momento che non c’è altra alternativa. L’autunno scorso, il Ministro agli esteri Luigi di Maio e il sottosegretario alla presidenza del consiglio Riccardo Fraccaro, hanno dichiarato ufficialmente di avere avviato un’azione diplomatica, ma non si conoscono i modi, i tempi e i nodi burocratici da superare. Il nostro evento è organizzato per dare un sostegno fattivo alla causa di Chico, per sollecitare anche da parte nostra l’intervento del governo in tempi brevi, poiché la resistenza di Chico è ormai allo stremo e ogni giorno è sempre più tremendo. Ricordiamo che all’epoca dei fatti, Chico – oggi sessantunenne – aveva tre figli, di uno, tre e cinque anni, che non ha più rivisto da quando è stato recluso.
Anche sua madre, oggi novantaduenne, ha finito le sue lacrime nell’attesa di poter riabbracciare suo figlio prima che sia troppo tardi. Enrico Forti ha sempre rigettato ogni forma di patteggiamento, forte della sua innocenza. E la dignità dimostrata in tutti questi anni di reclusione fa onore alla fierezza di essere italiano. Per questi motivi, la regata chiamata #sail4 Chico sarà dedicata lui, nella speranza che possa servire per dare anche il contributo della foiling community, affinché Chico possa tornare presto in Italia e vivere serenamente con la sua famiglia, i suoi amici e la sua gente quel che resta della sua vita ormai purtroppo rovinata per sempre.

Mothis Vela UniPd at Foiling SuMoth Challenge

The members of our team all come from an already existing team named Mètis Vela UniPd, which is a group of research established at the University of Padova. As a team, we have been working on boat design for a long time now, with our first project dating back to 2008; in Mètis Vela we designed, built and sailed five skiffs, three of which are made of composite material. Our goal is to design and realize competitive sailing boats focusing on innovative materials and working techniques while paying attention to their environmental impact, learning how to reduce, reuse and recycle.

Every year in September, we attend the “1001Vela Cup competition”, a regatta specifically organized for students of universities from all over Europe. The team took part in almost every edition, always finishing the race with at least one boat, sometimes even more, on the podium. In July 2019 we finished building Athena, our latest boat which has the peculiarity of being almost 100% recyclable. Athena scored the 4th place in the regatta mentioned above and this represents a proof of the possibility of building a skiff with both high-performance level and recyclability. This achievement was a huge success for the team, but we are not done yet: we want to test our skills to the limits for design, construction and sailing. We needed an even harder challenge and the foiling world caught our attention.

We have joined the SuMoth Challenge as it is a great opportunity to experiment with state-of-the-art technology related to composite materials in a challenging environment; therefore we want to use the expertise acquired during the years in Mètis Vela and starting from there we are going to try to explore new possibilities with the foil appendix. The work of the team will focus on fluid dynamics studies for the best foiling experience by using our 10-year-long knowledge with sustainable composites. We are also going to integrate leftover materials used by third party industries in the construction process to further improve our sustainability factor. This is a very important aspect among the members of the team: it has been years since when we first started to be involved in life cycle assessment researches. We are committed to improving this topic as much as we can and we are highly motivated in doing it: the team is already investigating about innovative construction techniques, focusing on biomaterials that hopefully will be ready to use for the moulds. All of that will lead to further improve the sustainability and economic factor.

We perceive this challenge as an opportunity to increase our knowledge on a multiscale level. We want to develop a solid knowledge about foils, a field of research in which no member of the team has previous experience and that brings the concept of sailing on a completely new level. Moreover, we are aware of the fact that meeting students from all over the world, confront them and race against them is a chance to grow as a team and individually as scientists.

The strengths of our team are our background in different areas of expertise and our practice of working together, as in the last years we have become a close-knit and motivated group. Our team line is composed of:

  • Mirko Juretic, captain and skipper. He is now attending a master’s degree in material science. He already sailed for the Métis Vela and with him, at the helm of the boat, the podium is always assured.
  • Marianna Peditto, she is our second skipper, biomedical engineering with a huge passion for sailing. She competitively sailed for 8 years and her determination brings a useful contribution to the team. Starting from 2019 she is part of the team Mètis, not only a member of the sailing crew but also as a construction team member. With this new competition, she wants to test herself and proves that she is up to the situation.
  • Alessandra Pierantoni, communicational officer. She is attending a master’s degree in pharmaceutical biotechnology. She has prior experience in both hull construction and social managing. With her enthusiasm and desire for learning new skills, she is fit for this role.
  • Giovanni Pagnon, material engineer. He has years of experience as team leader of Métis Vela, as well as in boat construction and design. With his firmness and analytical approach, giving him the role of the logistic officer is the obvious choice.
  • Michele Cracco, life cycle assessment officer and a part of the shore team. He already worked on a life cycle assessment for the latest boat of Métis Vela as a thesis for his bachelor degree in environmental engineering. Therefore, we are sure that he is the perfect choice for this suMoth challenge. Thanks to his expertise, Michele is a key member of the team for both construction and sustainability-related problems.
  • Simone Scuccato, the shore officer. He is the mechanical engineer that will be the meeting point between the design and the construction of the moth since he has great experience in both fields. He will supervise the design of all components, but he will lead the building process.
  • Sergio Caramel, our rig officer. He is already team leader of the Arkanoè sailing team, skipper of Melges 24. With his aerospace studies and wide sailing experience, he is an important addition to the team. He is deeply involved in the nautical sailing world, with great awareness in all rigging aspect so he will surely fulfil the task.
  • Alessandro Campice, chief designer. He is an aerospace engineer specialized in structural design. For the last four years he worked as a designer for Métis Vela, he tested his capabilities as a designer facing increasingly challenging problems and is now ready to face the complex challenge of designing a flying boat.
  • Nicolò Zacchettin, structural officer. He has been involved in the boat’s design for three years now. Thanks to his studies in mechanical engineering, he was often in charge of solving the most complicated structural problems. He is a crucial addition to the team, as he will help us to build the lightest boat.
  • Nicola Benvenuti, aerodynamic officer. He is an energetic engineer, chief of designers for Métis Vela and he has a strong interest in foils and wings. Nicola is a right and appropriate choice for this job, thanks to his great knowledge in computational fluid dynamics as a design tool. Indeed, he will be the one that will let the boat fly.
  • Professor Andrea Lazzaretto, the team manager. He is a professor in the energetic engineer degree course and a very skilled sailor. He has been team manager of Métis Vela since the very beginning of the project. He has been fascinated by the foiling world as much as all the team, so he has decided to guide us again in this new challenge.

As a team, we feel connected to the meaning of the Greek word métis, that means the combination of wisdom and cunning. This talent was considered highly admirable, and Odysseus was its embodiment. That is the reason why we decided to recall our link with the past both in the name and in the flag. Therefore, we evolved from Métis to Mothis. As for the flag, we started from the Métis Vela symbol that represents a boat sailing off the wind at sunset, and we figured out that the mirrored image results in a moth-like figure.

Mothis Flags

We set the work on a structured approach split in five stages to get the sailboat on the water by the 15th of April. First of all, we went through a Planning stage. Definition of the team members, understanding the class rules and risk analysis were the main points of this process. As soon as we identified our value proposition, in September, the Product Design & Development could start. The design of the hull is optimized to reduce drag while sailing in displacement condition.

Then the preliminary FEM analysis pointed out where and how to set internal structures, wings and spars. Indeed, the foils are the core of this project, so we decided to pursue an iterative method. By December we are crafting a set of foils whose geometry was an object of a previous study in our team. This will be a test to achieve an optimized design until March. In the next weeks, we are focusing on Process Design & Development. Given the date of launch and other constraints like our manpower, the output is going to be a flow chart of the whole process. Following a make-or-buy decision, we will be able to get

a precise schedule of time and costs. Production will be performed in our internal building site since we manage techniques of wood and aluminium crafting and composites realization. The experience of our team members allow us to accomplish activities in short time, also the project itself is not that complex so we don’t expect this stage to be so long. Testing & Corrective Actions stage will take place after the launch. Working on reports from our athletes we know we can improve our Moth performance and fix potential issues.

This will be a complex project, but we are thrilled about this possibility, we wanted to test our self on a higher level from the design to the construction techniques, also because this experience will enrich our backgrounds and will allow us to specialize in a field that we have never approach before. This is a unique opportunity also for our future since the expertise that we will acquire during these months will shape our mind even for future jobs. Our highest aim is to create a skiff with composite material and a high percentage of recyclability and yet competitive. We want to get at Garda’s lake aware to have done everything possible in the best way and then we will try to win also on the battlefield.

The Foiling SuMoth Challenge was created by Foiling Week™ to support and promote sustainable boat building practices. Sponsored by 11th Hour Racing, the SuMoth Challenge will challenges students to construct competitive Moth class-compliant foilers while also considering the environmental, social, and economic impacts of the manufacturing process. The teams will compete in their full designed boats at Foiling Week 2020 in Lake Garda, Italy.

Solent University at Foiling SuMoth Challenge

by James TOMLINSON, SuMoth Challenge Solent University team Communication Officer

Enter the world of one of the fastest one person dinghies in the World. A class where not only extreme speeds sailing speeds are achieved, but also a class that allows for innovation and now sustainability.
1974 saw the first innovation of the foiling moth since it has captured the awe of sailors. The class has developed from small class to an international circuit, attracting over 120 boats at the last world championships.

Foiling Week is an annual event held at the Fraglia Vela Malcesine, or more commonly know as Italy Lake Garda. A location that provides a unique backdrop, and near-perfect sailing conditions for sailing. Foiling Week is more than just racing, it is a week-long event where industry are invited to come and deliver talks to create a forum of design and construction.
The SuMoth Challenge is created to engage competitors, designers and industry leaders to network.

The Schedule

The event will take place during the Foiling Week in the middle of July 2020 at Garda Lake in Italy. The Fraglia del Vela Malcesine has hosts hundreds of sailing events every year and attracts people from all over the world. The Foiling Week forum adds to this and brings the industry all together at this spectacular venue.

The Event + Plan

Foiling Week present the following challenge for Universities around the World;

Challenge: To design, engineer and race a fully functioning Moth built from sustainable materials, and developed sustainably.

The competition is judged on a split weighting:

  • 30% Dynamic – Fleet Racing and Speed Test
  • 70% Static – Design, Manufacturing and Sustainability

For our team, a strong emphasis will be put into the Static part of the competition- which will be conducted locally where we are based in Southampton.
Here Mario and Giovanni will form the Design team and create a design that incorporates effective materials and efficient design. Arnaud and James will form as the Build team, with help from the group. The intention is to have a boat functioning before May, allowing the sailing team to start testing and the entire team to asses where we are at 2 months before the event.

Lake Garda is regarded as one of the most unique and stunning places to sail in the industry.
The shear mountainous backdrops capture the awe of sailors from all over the world and bring a large international group of people together to attend the Foiling Week forum. The forum attracts industry-leading organisations, and not just from the sailing industry. It is the ideal place and event to showcase what could be regarded, as the future direction of our industry.

Our journey will begin here in Southampton and lead to Lake Garda next year. We invite you to follow and join us on the journey over the next 8 months.

Meet the Team

Vittorio joined Solent University in 2018 after having taught for years in further education. Following his passion for sailing, Vittorio studied Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering at the University of Napoli Federico ii. Here he gained a PhD and MEng. In his free time, Vittorio loves cooking, sailing his Laser, travelling and spend time with his family. As part of the Lecturing staff, I am really excited to supervise the Solent students for this project. The challenge that the SuMoth project put on a relatively small group of students goes beyond the simple application of the taught subjects: time management, building technique, presentation skills and sailing capabilities are just some of those added values that they need to learn and use to have a successful campaign. I do expect they will be able to be innovative and think out of the box by using all the possible resources and material most sustainably.

Team Captain:
Arnaud ANDRE (FRA), Mature student in the second year of Yacht Design and Production. Born and raised in France I started sailing when I was 8 years old. In the late 80’s I qualified as a dinghy coach- coaching a team of rising stars in classes like Europe. I then moved into professional sailing in the 90’s sailing on 12M/J class, and world champion in 1994 onboard 8M/J class. I became the team manager for a challenge for the Tour de France a la Voile and following on Motor and Sailing Yacht captain during 12 years. For my second life, I am now a student at Solent University. Always interested in reducing our impact on the planet, this challenge might open our eyes on the impact this industry can have and reduce it.

Communication Officer:
James TOMLINSON (SWE), my background revolves around sailing and sailing media. I started out sailing and have now moved into freelance media. Working with events, teams and suppliers. I have been fortunate to work in the top performance of the Yachting Industry and have seen first hand the move towards more sustainable methods of boat building and the way events are run.
Foiling Week is a great event and a very strong forum, and a perfect chance to connect with industry. For Foiling Week to promote this project to the forum is very valuable. I think SuMoth presents a great opportunity for us to create something special, but also for people to follow the journey and get involved in areas.
I look forward to seeing where the project takes us.

The Designers:
Mario TRINDADE (BRA), Born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, sailing was in Mario’s blood since he was very young. After about ten years of Professional Sailing, Mario decided to join Solent University to upgrade his skills and become a Yacht designer.

As a Sailor, Mario has accomplished many titles such as Multiple National Titles, Multiple South American Titles and 3 World Championships in multiple classes.

Mario will head the design side of the team to create an innovative, simple and efficient design

Giovanni MENGUCCI (ITA), Born and raised in Italy, Giovanni started dinghy sailing, and then sailed his way up to offshore. After a long involvement in a class40 around the world project (Roma Ocean World), Giovanni moved into a smaller but equally competitive and challenging class- the Mini Transat. More recently Giovanni helped prepare two Mini 6.50’s for this year Mini Transat. In 2020 Giovanni will be starting his own Mini Transat campaign with his boat. His campaign will share values of the SuMoth Challenge, with a focus on sustainability and reducing the impact of his campaign on the environment.

The Sailing Team:
Peter DILL (BDA), I have somewhat of a unique sailing background. I’ve always taken every opportunity to get my feet wet, but my exposure to high-performance sailing is largely thanks to the 2017 America’s cup being hosted in my home waters in Bermuda.
During this time, I had the opportunity to work for Oracle Racing as a shore crew member and secured a spot on Bermuda’s Youth America’s Cup team as a boat captain/sailor. I not only have sailing experience on these boats but practical knowledge on maintenance and systems. The moth is a different beast than a foiling catamaran but there are cross-overs and it is a boat I have worked on extensively and have some less competitive experience sailing. It is in everyone’s best interest to keep our environment healthy, and sustainability is a problem of increasing importance. This is the primary reason I’m excited to take part in the SuMoth challenge. Mostly to learn about more efficient/sustainable boatbuilding methods but equally to learn the design challenges and what goes into the engineering of one of these boats.

Adriana PENRUDOCKE (BDA), I am keen to take part in the challenge, as overall I am a very keen sailor both in the racing world (in the laser radial class competing at European and world championships), as well as foiling on the WASZP. From this project, I would not only gain from skippering on the SU Moth, but I am also very keen to gain more experience from more hands-on experience in different sustainable materials from not only our team but others. With having qualified for multiple world championships and regattas in places like Lake Garda and other iconic sailing venues, I have a wide range of experience in the racing spectrum and would like to continue broadening my sailing experience by taking part as a skipper in the SU Moth challenge. As you can see from both a professional and leisure standpoint that I am keen to join in for the SU Moth Challenge 2020. Furthermore to sustainability, this project/challenge will broaden my list of different sustainable materials that I may have not thought of in the process.

Opportunities to join the project

From the Team Manager:
We think this event is a great opportunity for us to put our name on the charts as now sustainability is a real concern in our industry and as youth designer or production manager we need to learn and apply this to our day to day working life.
Solent University has a great opportunity to also show the sailing world its interest in sustainability and new material, technics.

Areas of support
The SuMoth brings costs with it. There are allocations in the rules that allow us to buy old components of existing moths to work with. Luckily for us, we have full access to the University to help with R&D and manufacture.
Key areas we are seeking support involve deck hardware, rope, travel and accommodation at the event.
Foiling Week has an international reputation and is publicised over all social media streams. At the forum, there are guest speakers every day of the event. Here there are great opportunities for exposure.
Foiling Week create a great scene to be associated with; Sustainability; Youth; and Innovation.

From all of us in the team, thank you for reading and learning about our project. We hope you choose to follow our journey as things begin to start happening. There will be some challenges ahead, and we feel prepared together to get through them and come out on top with a Sustainable Moth ready to take on the Foiling Week.
James T.

The Foiling SuMoth Challenge was created by Foiling Week™ to support and promote sustainable boat building practices. Sponsored by 11th Hour Racing, the SuMoth Challenge will challenges students to construct competitive Moth class-compliant foilers while also considering the environmental, social, and economic impacts of the manufacturing process. The teams will compete in their full designed boats at Foiling Week 2020 in Lake Garda, Italy.