Moses HF

1920x600px-SilenteKitefoiling is revolutionizing the world of kitesurfing. Even more events and championships all around the world are showing how a wing placed under a kiteboard can offer not only better performance but also a new sensation never felt before. Moses Hydrofoil is a pioneer of this way of kitesurfing: it was one of the first brands in the world that felt these unique sensations and wants to share them with all kiters.
Since 2009 Moses hydrofoil has developed, produced and sold these products. Our aim is to offer riders from all over the world a strong, reliable and exciting foil. Also our foils are easy for anyone wanting to start. Those who try our products can see the results of our hard work. The progress we have made and the success we have had, has made Moses hydrofoil the leading name for Italian and international kite foiling.
The masterpiece of all our Moses Hydrofoil products is without doubt the Silente. The continued work in improving the production process, the quality of the materials and developing new solutions leads us to create an unrivalled foil in terms of reliability and design.
We didn’t forget to also improve the performance of our foils, we offer a selection of front wings and stabilizers for the Moses Silente. These suit the needs of each different type of kiter.
Essential for us here at Moses, is the personal contact with our foilers. Our attendance at events means we get closer to the riders and we can offer opportunities to test our products. We also offer unrivalled help and ongoing support from our team. We also offer special attention and help to the kite schools because we believe that they are the key to the process of learning this wonderful way of kiting.
All information about the world of Moses hydrofoil can be found on our website