What the Foiling Awards are


The awards will be nominated and voted by the foiling community to recognise the year best performance in the different categories:

  • Foiling projectProjects still in design phase but not yet in production
  • Foiling production boat: For foiling craft already in production and being sailed
  • Foiling prototype designed by an amateur/non professional: For foiling craft not intended for commercial production
  • Foiling innovationFor foiling design solutions specifically applied to flight control / design / construction of parts but excluding hull construction
  • Foiling sailorFor best foiling achievement of the year
  • Foiling Green AwardFor foiling innovations, any ideas or inventions that will have a beneficial impact on environment 

Nomination and Voting System:

  • Online Poll open to Foiling Community September 21st to October 12th
  • Compliance Review by Foiling Week Speakers Jury. October 12th to October 20th
  • Prizegiving October 24th

All categories shall consider dates from September 2015 to September 2016