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S9 is a monotype, a small high performance catamaran, simple and easy to use. It can be completely disassembled and each part can be substituted. S9 uses a system of “T” foil daggerboard with “hinged” flap, (in our opinion the most powerful of the classical systems). It has been combined with an automatic adjustment system of the flap (WAND) that ensures the easiest use of the boat in full flight.

Length: 4.16 m
Width: 2.36 m
Mast : 7.5 m
Total sail area (including mast): 10.5 m2
Total weight: 78 kg
Hull construction material: fiberglass/Carbon + ecpoxy resin, infusion system
Crossbars + telescopic tilter + mast + boom + T foil rudders + main T foil
All pre-preg carbon processed in an autoclave at 120 ° + 6 bar.
Harken/Ronstan equipped

more info: http://www.s9catamaran.com