C-Fly – 4 x 4 All Terrain Sailing

C-FLY Coastal was launched in 2005 to prove the layout and unique technology of the C-FLY concept. The craft is a 7.6m long catamaran designed to be practical to transport on a road trailer, assemble and sail with three crew. The beam is 5m across the hulls and 8m with the main hydrofoils deployed.

As well as the unique hydrofoil technology, she has pioneered a number of innovative concepts for the hydrofoil lowering and retraction mechanisms, the steering, and the crossbeam layout which includes a central fore and aft beam to stay the rig.

C-FLY Coastal has been used for an extensive programme of sailing trials to further advance and refine the concept as well as hone the practical skills required to sail such a radical craft.

C-FLY Coastal has delivered exhilarating performance and confirmed to the engineering team that the design has achieved the key objectives of stability in open seas, practicality and versatility, combined with breathtaking speed. The confidence gained through this programme takes C-FLY technology to the point of scaling up to the ocean version and application into other areas of high performance sailing.

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