One Metre foiling trimaran ready for production

by PerthMini40man


Much better sail today. The V foils have been thrown out and cases and kinked foils have been fitted, with the cases outboard of the centerline of the floats to get extra stability. The hulls are fiberglass, the cross beams are hollow laminated carbon, the kinked foils are a combination of carbon and fibreglass and are made in a mould. The rudder is an RG65 fin supplied by Dave Creed, who also supplies the T foil. There’s an rmg winch in the hull, and sails are by Heinz Bohn and Jeff Green, who has made a nice pocket luff #2 rig. The rig has a proportionately larger jib than is conventional, to keep the centre of effort lower, and push the centre of effort as far forward as possible to permit us to move the foils as far forward as possible, whilst still enabling the boat to tack. The final section of the video shows us trying to improve the foiling performance upwind, by flattening the mainsail and adding twist, so that the boat is sailing upwind on the jib and the bottom section of the main. We’ll continue to experiment. We’re happy with the boat now – it is foiling steadily and not falling off the foils, an is producing speeds that look close to those coming from our Mini40s. The lake is 100 metres in diameter which gives you an idea of the stability of the boat when foiling. The boat will foil with hands-off the controls, which impresses us. There was also no sign of nose-diving. The boat is one-piece and fits inside an estate car easily. As an alternative, the floats could be attached to the cross beams with bolts (reducing the overall beam of the boat when in transport to about 97cm) but the cross beams should be permanently bonded to the main hull to keep the three hulls aligned.

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  1. I am curious about your choice to place the deep draft rudder on the centre hull rather than two lower draft rudders on the outer hulls .. Two rudders would give a higher righting moment when the windward rudder lifts out of the water.

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