50T, twin turbine powered hydrofoil

by Hydrofoils Incorporated


This new space age, state of the art Hydrofoil is a giant step forward in design and technology and provides exciting high speeds (100 PLUS MPH), outstanding safety and a comfortable ride.

Hydrofoils Incorporated has just released a test video of a scale prototype of their newest product entitled the 50T (50 foot, 15.2-meter) twin turbine powered hydrofoil. The company claims this 5-passenger, 100 plus kt, twin marine turbine powered, lightweight, boat has a stable, safe, comfortable, ride and can be ABS, DNV, HSC certified.


The main center hull is a carbon fiber epoxy composite as is the two outboard interchangeable engine module covers. Foils are aluminum and stainless. She can be quickly configured as a defense, commuter, or ambulance vehicle at various capacities. Draft is less than 1.5 ft., running (foils extended) or static (foils folded). The boat is operational in both modes with foils normally retracted while approaching the dock or shore.

These “Shallow Water” boats open up enormous new, previously inaccessible, marine exploration areas for a boat of this size. They use about 50% less fuel than other boats this size and power, since they do not displace water. They don’t make waves that upset wetlands and shorelines which makes an environmentally friendly boat. They are more comfortable than other high performance boats since they are not bouncing off waves. They are also much safer than older technology high speed boats that tend to blow-over and kite at speed. These double hulled boats will float fully awash with all doors open. They have little to no damage to the foils like older hydrofoils if striking debris.  Hydrofoils are the safest form of transportation compared to rail, auto, bus, plane, and helicopters. Hydrofoils Incorporated has been using this (100 mph plus) marine technology for over sixty years and have evolved it into a balanced, high speed, system. Costs approximately $3 million USD.

John Arruda, President of Turbine Marine Inc. Pompano Beach, Florida turbinemarine.com considered the premier, world, turbine supplier for very high performance marine craft and other turbine applications and the supplier of the engines for the 50T project added: “All of us at Turbine Marine Inc. are excited to be a part of the newest Hydrofoils Inc. project. Hydrofoils’ first 50’ high speed vessel will be powered by Turbine Marine Inc. Pompano Beach Florida. Working closely with the staff at Hydrofoils, both companies have developed a powerful, yet efficient, power module that will propel the proposed vessel to the reliability and performance goals expected. The Gas Turbine / electric Hybrid drive system will provide a total of 3600Hp for maximum cruising speed, and up to 400hp Eco friendly, electric drive for silent harbor maneuvering. This collaboration of technologies is a perfect match for of the future of high speed commercial and pleasure craft.

This a real game changer that finally allows marine transportation to compete with rail and auto” said Mr. Cook.


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