Stiletto X-Series takes shape

by Stiletto Manufacturing, Inc.

A Sleek, High Performance Catamaran
COLUMBIA, NC (March 24, 2016) – On March 7, the Stiletto Mfg. Product Development Team and Schickler Tagliapietra finalized the Stiletto-X hull shape. Just a few days later, Symmetrix Composites of Bristol, R.I., started production of the hull molds.

There are many exciting aspects of the new Stiletto-X design. The most notable are the tasteful modern styling; sexy foils on the Xf model; and the contemporary longeron/trampoline design. A deeper look at the design’s performance and certification specifications reveals a long list of value-added features that distinguish the new Stiletto X-Series, like its predecessor, as a phenomenally high-performing, family friendly, and financially attainable sailboat. Surely, the features of the Stiletto X-Series will anchor it among the world’s leading multihulls.

Stiletto X-Series Production Under Way
Mold fabrication of the Stiletto-X was contracted to Symmetrix Composites Tooling. Although fabrication began just three days after completion of the exterior hull design, approval of the shape and performance characteristics was by no means hasty. Since founding Stiletto Manufacturing, Inc., 12 months ago, Company Director Jay Phillips has consulted with Stiletto owners, the original Stiletto 27 design team, and industry professionals. The knowledge gained from the months of research – combined with state-of-the-art virtual performance modeling and world-class engineering by Schickler Tagliapietra – culminated in the sleek, high-performance design.
Michael Reardon, Stiletto-X product development manager, recently traveled to New England to oversee the progress of the new design taking shape. Symmetrix is recognized as one of the most technologically advanced composite tooling companies in the industry. Recent projects include the celebrity ocean racer Comanche, as well as previous America’s Cup Class designs and aerospace projects.

Symmetrix Composite Tooling is a composite center of innovation in Bristol, R.I. In its latest iteration, Symmetrix is a 40,000-square-foot facility of purpose built CNC digital fabrication. Its 5-Axis CNC Machining Center is state-of-the art, allowing the quick and precise creation of seemingly impossible complex forms, quickly, and with extreme precision.

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