Foiler 41

Foiling Week Awards 2016 candidate for the categories:
Foiling Green Award, for foiling innovations, any ideas or inventions that will have a beneficial impact on environment
Foiling innovation, for foiling design solutions specifically applied to flight control/design/construction of parts excluding hull


The Foiler 41 is opening a new area of yachting. Combining a beautiful design and the latest technologies from the racing world, it is developed to navigate at high-speed while still being secure and stable. Inspired from a dream to create a new way to explore the seas, the Foiler 41 brings you the technology of the America’s Cup in your private motor yacht. Using Hydros’ swiss technology and ENATA’s expertise, the fully carbon built Foiler 41 will turn heads and open a new way for the yachting industry.

The Foiler 41 is also opening the door of energy efficiency to the yachting world. It’s retractable foils are reducing the consumption by 30%, making it the first energy efficient yacht.

1 GyroCompass capturing
2 Effort sensor inside
3 Computer transforming
4 Foils incidence stability information


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